High blood sugar after eating? 4 ways to help you “stabilize” your blood sugar after meals

Most people usually have high blood sugar measured after eating because of the energy and nutrition provided. But if you stay healthy, the function of the islets of the pancreas is normal, and with insulin participating in the consumption of carbohydrates, the follow-up indicators will be stable again and will not continue to be affected by excessive levels. However, those who have diabetes are threatening their health. Due to the decrease of islet function due to the development of the disease, blood sugar is prone to be unstable after meals, and good methods should be taken to lower blood sugar.

1. Correct after meals Medication

In order to keep blood sugar normal after meals, the most important thing isTake medication correctly. Some people’s blood sugar remains high after eating, and they may have various adverse symptoms because they are continuously in a high-sugar environment. In order to control the disease as much as possible and reduce the harm, Please follow the doctor’s advice on how to take the medicine.

Some patients need to take medicine in time after eating to be effective after the medicine takes effect Regulate blood sugar, so as to avoid the impact of uncontrolled disease. The specific time and dose of medication should be clear, and medication should not be used indiscriminately.

2. Slow down the speed of eating

In the process of eating Slowing down the speed is an effective way to relieve high blood sugar after meals. Some people eat too fast, gobble it up, and have no time to signal that they are full. They may have provided a lot of calories, which were not consumed in time.

Bad consequences are gradualfat and unstable blood sugar. And slow down, chew slowly, not only reduce the burden of digestion , without eating too much, this is the key to stable control of blood sugar.

3. Appropriate activities after meals

You can exercise appropriately after eating, in this way part of the energy is consumed. Some people go to sleep directly after eating, or lie down and play with their mobile phones or watch TV. They have no physical activity at all. Because of the low calorie consumption, the energy cannot be used in time. Blood sugar is unstable, and even prone to obesity.

Obesity not only affects blood sugar changes, but also makes other indicators unstable. The correct way is toget up and walk around or do housework, in the process of constant activity redundant Calorie consumption is the only way to keep blood sugar normal. Otherwise, high blood sugar after meals will continue, and diabetes invasion will become more serious and eventually lead to complications.

4. Stay away from high-calorie foods

Choosing the right food to obtain nutrition during the diet can improve the situation of high blood sugar after meals. Many people’s indicators are unstable for a long time, because the diet is not correct and the food is not selected. Frequent intake of foods that are greasy, rich in fat and excessive in sugar may aggravate the disease.

You should understand the nature, nutritional content, and calorie level of food, and choose foods with low calorie content and stay away from those with high glycemic index. Of course, it is also necessary to ensure that various nutrients are provided in a timely manner. This dietary principle can be followed, and blood sugar can only be controlled by improving resistance.