Ticket sales for the Paris Olympic Games will start soon, with the lowest ticket price at about RMB 180

The Paris Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 28th that it will officially open the ticket pre-sale lottery for the first stage of the Paris Olympic Games on December 1. From that day onwards, audiences around the world can register and participate in the lottery on the official ticketing website of the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee , Those who win the lottery can purchase Olympic tickets from mid-February to mid-March next year.

According to the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee According to the plan, the sales of Olympic tickets are divided into two stages, in which the first stage sells personalized package tickets customized according to user needs, and the second stage sells single tickets. Each registered user can purchase up to 30 Olympic Games tickets in total in the two stages.

For the first stage of package ticket sales, all viewers can register on the official ticketing website to participate in the lottery from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. The order of registration will not affect the probability of winning . Those who win the lottery will get a 48-hour ticket purchase window period from February 13th to March 15th next year. Each user can purchase tickets for up to 3 events (except the surfing event held in Tahiti), and each event can choose up to 6 tickets.

The second phase of single ticket sales is also in the form of lottery, and the lottery will be open from March to May 2023.

After these two rounds of sales, about 10 million tickets for the Paris Olympic Games will be sold, about half of which will be priced within 50 Euros (about 380 RMB), and the lowest ticket price is 24 Euros (about 180 RMB) RMB) also has about 1 million tickets.

Tickets for the Paris Paralympic Games will go on sale in 2023, and more than 3 million are expected to be sold.

(Xinhua News Agency)