Why do women live longer than men? If these 4 commonalities do not exist, there is also the potential for longevity

According to big data statistics, many countries regularly announce the gender of their citizens.

But at the same time as the announcement, everyone found that the average life expectancy of men is generally shorter than that of women, and my country is no exception.

The average life expectancy of Chinese people is about 75 Around the age of 10, with the development of national science and technology and the gradual improvement of medical level, people’s life expectancy will be longer in the future.

However, from the data chart, the life expectancy of women will always be longer than that of men. In fact, this is also inseparableThe natural advantages of women.

Women are born with two X chromosomes, And these two X chromosomes are estrogen, women naturally secrete more estrogen, and Estrogen has the effect of protecting human blood vessels.

Secondly, the proportion of women smoking and drinking is less than that of men, which is beneficial to reduce the risk of lung cancer, liver cancer, high blood pressure , the risk of coronary heart disease.

Moreover, women are born to love beauty, and many women pay attention to health preservation. Whether it is diet or body maintenance, the pursuit of external image is also conducive to Women control their own weight, which is beneficial to avoid some chronic diseases caused by obesity.

However, having said that, after all, living people have individual differences, and not all women will pay attention to health preservation.

But I have to say that short-lived women often There will be 4 things in common. If you don’t have any of them, then you may have a longevity physique:

1. Eat too much before going to bed< /span>

Compared to men, women like to eat snacks more, and night snacks are also a must for many women before going to bed, especially in the current takeaway industry Developed, some girls like to have a supper before going to bed to be satisfied.

However, this kind of living habit is not good, because the working ability of various organs of the human body is not strong when sleeping at night, and the digestion of food eaten The system cannot digest it, and it will always accumulate in the body.

Over time, it will drag down the body, not only making people fat, but also increasing the risk of shortening people’s lifespan after increasing a variety of chronic diseases.

< span>Second, getting angry before going to bed

It is said that women are emotional animals, so women are more likely to be influenced by emotions, especially Women who have already married.

This kind of women will often sulk with their pillows due to some small conflicts in the family.

Being angry is not good for your body, because when you are angry, you secrete a substance called catecholamines, which can cause blood pressure to rise and have a great impact on the function of the heart , so the life span of such women is also shorter.

So in daily life, everyone must master appropriate methods and learn to control emotions , less angry, and release stress in time.

3. Insomnia

The life pressure of modern people is very high, not to mention that women are more emotional and more susceptible to stress.< /span>

Some women have difficulty falling asleep at night due to high pressure at work or in life. In order to allow themselves to fall asleep, women did not choose physical adjustments, but chose to take sleeping pills.

Actually, this is not a long-term solution. What should be done is to relieve the stress and fundamentally eliminate the cause of insomnia.

Only having enough sleep time can keep the body in a healthy state, and the life span will not be shortened.

4. Irregular sleep schedule< /span>

In today’s society, “staying up late” has become the norm for modern people, and sometimes they feel unaccustomed to not staying up late.

However, for the vast majority of people, “staying up late” directly leads to lack of sleep.

For women who love beauty, staying up late for a long time and having irregular sleep will lead to their aging speed greatly accelerated, and even lack of sleep will lead to Female menopause arrives early.

Long-term lack of sleep will also affect the body’s metabolic function and cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

For this reason, develop a regular sleep schedule and let the body adapt to the regular biological clock, which is more conducive to energy recovery and physical and mental health.

Although the living standards of modern people have improved a lot, But social competitiveness has also been greatly enhanced, and people are desperately trying to survive.

Even so, life is not only about the present, but also poetry and distant fields.

So, whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to experience life for a longer period of time, you should follow the health guidelines, practice a reasonable diet, and exercise properly , Adequate sleep, happy mood, regular physical examination, rather than blindly satisfying the present.