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Green phoenix trees, long and ancient style, leaves like green clouds, outstanding in Weiyi.

You can see the scenes in the works of Song Dynasty poet Yan Shu. In this issue of “Very Shanghai”, our protagonist is just such a tree – the ancient sycamore tree numbered 0909 located at Gate 3 of Zhongshan Park.

Take root 150 Many years

To understand this ancient tree , Zhou Liang, who has been with it for 20 years, has the most say. “I heard from the old man in the park that someone brought it from abroad after the opening of Shanghai.” As a senior plant protection technician, he felt that the sycamores in Shanghai’s streets and alleys were not as high as this tree’s “seniority” in terms of seniority.

According to historical records, in 1866, Sir Hambury of Italy brought this plane tree from his hometown and gave it to Hogg, a British real estate developer. As a gift, Hogg planted it in the Mega Garden.

Time has changed, Zhaofeng Garden has become Zhongshan Park, The small saplings have also grown into “big mac”. After more than 150 years, the height of the tree has reached 22 meters, the bust is about 5 meters, and the crown is 24 meters long. Now it has become the tallest, thickest trunk and largest crown in East China.

For the “No. 1 Platanus in East China”, the maintenance staff dare not relax. After taking over the maintenance work, Zhou Liang will inspect every day and find problems and solve them in time. The land around the plane tree is full of traces of his work. “The hole there was used to monitor the groundwater level, and the pit here was left by removing termite disease.”

< p data-track="21">As for what experience he can share with his apprentices, the 58-year-old emphasized that the ancient tree “has been integrated with this land”, “just like a human being, it has its own ecology System, do not need to use too much ‘medicine’, focus on observation and care.”

Give the ancient tree a “physical examination”

In addition to daily maintenance, an important part of the protection of ancient trees is to give them regular physical examinations.

“At present, the greening management guidance station mainly detectsModern instruments such as root and tree non-destructive detection, groundwater level monitoring, etc. are used to “diagnose the pulse” of ancient trees. Le Xiaowei, an engineer from the Ancient and Famous Trees Protection and Management Section of the Shanghai Greening Management Guidance Station, introduced that, for example, technicians will put “probes” on the tree body, and send out stress waves by beating the “probes”, so as to grasp the cavities in the tree body. Location and situation.

This year, we are giving ancient trees” After the “Physical Examination”, taking advantage of the opportunity of Zhongshan Park’s renovation and upgrading, its home has also taken on a new look.

According to the “Shanghai Ancient and Valuable Trees and According to the relevant regulations on the protection of ancient trees in the Regulations on the Protection of Follow-up Resources of Ancient and Famous Trees, the area within 5 meters outside the vertical projection of the outer edge of the canopy of century-old trees is an ancient tree protection area. After repeated demonstrations, the greening department not only demolished the original The management room of the park also expands the protection scope of ancient trees, making its living space more “stretch”.

“We have installed infrared alarm equipment and camera technology defense systems around it to strengthen reminders and protection, and reduce the interference of excessive trampling on tree roots. “Zhou Zhenyi, a staff member of the Changning District Greening Management Affairs Center, said that there is also the use of the ancient tree information system, which records data such as wind speed, temperature, and humidity, and provides scientific protection for “one tree, one policy”.< /p>

An ancient tree came out of the wall

With the transformation of Zhongshan Park, the walls around the old trees have been removed, and the protection methods for the old trees have been upgraded. The obvious changes are not limited to these.

Go from Gate 3 to Gate 2, originally The narrow Wanhangdu Road is no longer congested after being widened. Starting from the old tree, a 700-meter-long tree-lined road extends to connect the terminal of Bus No. 20 at the other end.

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“It can be seen that the public space of Huazheng Section of Suzhou Creek is just across the road from the ancient trees , whether it is people who walk from there or residents who pass by here by car, they can appreciate the grace of this tree. Zhou Zhenyi concluded that after becoming a “street tree”, the century-old tree is closer to everyone, and naturally it is favored by more people.

The century-old tree in the century-old park overlooks the century-old campus and stands on the side of the century-old road. It seems to have become a “living fossil” of this place, witnessing the development and iteration of various surrounding things from scratch. , has also become one of the best footnotes of the city’s changes – more and more livable environment, more and more green ecology.

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No. 0909, in Shanghai, how many old and famous trees are there that are deeply rooted in the local area like this? As of the end of 2021, the city has a total of 2,812 ancient and famous trees and follow-up resources of ancient trees, of which the old and famous trees1,656 trees, and 1,156 ancient tree follow-up resources (trees aged more than 80 years but less than 100 years old).

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