[Health] In autumn and winter, it is recommended that you wear 3 kinds of clothes, and don’t wear 5 kinds of clothes. The harm is far greater than you think!

Clothes are worn every day, but you know what? Dressing is also very particular.

Some clothes should be added in time, but others Don’t wear it anymore, it will not only hurt your body, but also may take the life of your child!


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1. The importance of long johns

The primary reason for wearing long johns is to keep warm, Our knee joints like to be warm and afraid of cold. Although according to medical research, there is no direct causal relationship between cold and the onset of osteoarthritis, it may aggravate the existing symptoms of osteoarthritis and affect the treatment effect.

That is, if you do not have osteoarthritis, The cold doesn’t directly make you sick, but when you already have osteoarthritis, the cold can make your symptoms worse. For ordinary people, frequent exposure to cold will also have adverse effects on blood vessels and muscle tissue, so it is still very important to wear long johns in time to keep warm.

Besides, old age People, people who often sit for a long time or have poor peripheral circulation (such as women and diabetics) are more likely to feel cold legs, and they need to wear long johns in advance compared to ordinary people.


When choosing long johns, pure cotton long johns are the first choice. Because cotton long johns are sweat-absorbing, breathable and comfortable, wearing cotton long johns will not be too wet after sweating, reducing comfort or causing skin problems.

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2. The importance of hats and scarves

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● Head: When the temperature is around 4°C, about 1/2 of the body’s heat is emitted from the head, and when the temperature is around -10°C , about 3/4 of the body’s heat is emitted from the head.

Neck: Neck If you catch a cold, cervical spondylosis and pharyngitis will follow.


In autumn and winter, it is best to wear a hat and scarf when going out. It will keep you warm and keep the wind out, but don’t tie it too tightly.

If it is If it is too tight, it may stimulate the carotid sinus, causing carotid sinus syndrome, resulting in a drop in heart rate and insufficient blood supply to the brain, which can cause symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, and black eyes. People with poor physique may even faint directly.

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3. The importance of long socks

Many people, especially young people, like to wear clothes in autumn and winter Wear short socks or boat socks so that your ankles are exposed. However, the feet are the “second heart” of the human body, and the ankles are an important gateway for blood circulation in the feet, and it is difficult to resist the cold.

Once it’s cold When it invades, the blood vessels contract when they are cold, and the pressure of the blood vessels increases, which will lead to an increase in blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc., it may lead to more serious consequences.

In addition, there are lymphatic vessels and nerves distributed in the ankle And other important organizations, they are also very fragile. If you suffer from arthritis, dysmenorrhea, etc., exposing your ankles will cause you to catch cold and may aggravate your condition.


When going out in autumn and winter, you must keep your feet warm. It is best to wear a pair of longer, slightly thicker If you are particularly afraid of the cold, it is also necessary to wear a pair of warm cotton shoes. After going out, you can soak your feet in hot water to drive away the cold.


It is not recommended that you wear these 4 types of clothes< /span>

1. Skinny jeans—— It is easy to “stretch” the danger

Many people like to wear skinny jeans, thinking that they make their figure look better, But if it is too tight, its harm cannot be underestimated.

Nerve damage


Tight jeans will not only create an extreme sense of oppression, but also reduce the muscle strength of the legs blood supply, causing calf swelling and nerve damage, and squatting for too long can cause numbness and tingling in the thigh and groin area. If this happens for a long time, it is easy to damage the nerves.

● Indigestion


Clothing and pants that are too tight around the waist will increase the pressure on internal organs, resulting in acid reflux after eating , heartburn, etc. Over time, the digestive system will also have problems.

● Infection in private parts< /span>

Women: Wearing tight jeans for a long time may cause urethritis, cystitis, and vaginitis. If repeated attacks, there is also the risk of causing cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases.

Men: Wearing tight jeans for a long time may cause reproduction Inflammation of the vagina, affecting blood circulation, causing penis curvature, decreased sperm motility, and even infertility.


When buying jeans, it is advisable to choose slightly larger, breathable, and cotton fabrics; when wearing them, whether you squat or raise your knees, Neither should be too tight.

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2. One-piece shapewear—beware of “wrapping” diseases

Many women like to wear shapewear, feeling that it can make them thinner and show their figure better. But its thick strong fiber tightly hoops the upper abdomen, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, and legs from top to bottom, which is harmful and makes people feel breathless.

● cause gynecological diseases< /span>

Shaping pants will cause genital secretions to accumulate in a humid environment and cannot be released, irritating the vulva and causing vulvar inflammation.

● Affects skin respiration< /span>

The shapewear fits snugly on theThe skin can not breathe normally, especially after sweating, the sweat cannot evaporate in time, which can easily cause pore blockage, local skin redness and swelling, folliculitis, and rough skin.

Produces a hypoxic response

Improperly fitting chest corsets will affect people’s breathing, the chest cannot be fully expanded, and the lung tissue is affected by microcirculation The obstacle cannot be fully stretched, and the amount of inhaled air is reduced, thereby hindering the oxygen supply of the whole body of the human body, which is prone to cerebral hypoxia, and symptoms such as dizziness and stupor in the head.


The shapewear should be worn as little as possible, and it should be worn for at most 3 to 5 hours a day. It must be comfortable, breathable, and elastic. And the sensitive part must be pure cotton. Women should not wear shapewear during menstruation, so as not to aggravate dysmenorrhea.

3. Wrong underwear ——The whole body is suffering

< span>● Muscle compression

If the underwear is tight, it will affect the muscles in the chest Causes compression, arm numbness, pain, fatigue and other symptoms; too tight underwear side straps and shoulder straps will also compress the vertebral blood vessels and nerves, causing dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

● Affect blood circulation< /span>

Tight and narrow underwear will affect the blood circulation in and around the breasts, and easily release toxic and harmful substances If it stays in the breast tissue, it will affect its normal function and even increase the risk of breast cancer and other lesions.


When buying underwear, don’t rely on your own feelings. It is best to ask the salesperson to help you measure it, and use natural Soft materials, such as cotton and silk, are comfortable and breathable to wear, and light colors are preferred.

4. Stovepipe socks ——It is easy to “press” hidden dangers

Although stovepipe socks currently on the market have the same principle as varicose vein socks, they often pose health risks to users due to different motivations for use.

vascular disease


Wearing stovepipe socks for a long time will cause the blood vessels of the lower limbs to be squeezed for a long time, the function of the blood vessels will decline, and varicose veins of the lower limbs will appear , phlebitis, vasculitis and even old rotten legs and other peripheral vascular diseases of the lower extremities.

● skin allergies


Because stovepipe socks often contain spandex, they are not very breathable and may cause skin allergies. People who are prone to allergies should pay special attention.


For your own health, it is best not to wear shaping stockings often. When you really want to wear stockings, you can choose the ones that suit you Leg-shaped, elastic stockings to reduce health threats.

The one that suits you is the best, don’t just because In pursuit of beauty, I deliberately wear some uncomfortable clothes, threatening my health.


The invisible “killer” in children’s clothes

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Many parents will choose such clothes as common coats for their children, thinking that hats with drawstrings are not easy to be blown off by the wind and are very practical.

In fact, if children’s and infant clothing has Drawstring strap, and the strap is too long, or easily deformedSurvival knots, rope loops, etc. Once they are entangled or caught by protrusions or gaps on furniture, elevators, vehicles or slides and other amusement facilities, it is very likely to cause children to suffocate and even die.

This is because The pulling force of the hat rope after being tightened is equivalent to 5 to 6 times the child’s weight, and this force will cause spinal cord injury at the time, and then lead to respiratory muscle paralysis. This injury often lasts for a long time. Enough to cause cerebral hypoxia resulting in brain death.

Because it is dangerous In 2015, my country issued the “Technical Specifications for Safety of Infants and Children’s Textile Products (GB 31701-2015)”, which stipulates:For infants and children under 7 years old, the head and neck should not There should be any cords.

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