The 85-year-old old man Su finally moved into his “new home”

Recently, although the weather is cold, Su Zhenye, an 85-year-old solitary man who lives on Yuyuan Road, feels warm. With the help of the staff of Wanhong Pension Group, local streets and police stations, he was successfully admitted to Shanghai No. 1 Nursing Home for the Elderly, and received more comprehensive care in his daily life.

The matter has to be received from the relevant person in charge of Wanhong Pension Group a week ago It all started with a phone call from Huayang Road Street. “There is an 85-year-old elderly living alone in our community. His family members are all abroad. We entrust us to help the elderly find a nursing home.”

When the staff of Wanhong Pension and Mr. Su’s family members in Australia were connected to the overseas phone, an urgent voice came from the other end of the phone . “My father is 85 years old and has no one to take care of him. He is in a very bad situation now. Please help him!”

Original , Uncle Su’s two daughters have both settled abroad for a long time. He used to live with his wife, but after his wife died last year, his spirit was hit and he gradually developed symptoms of cognitive impairment. After the nanny who took care of the elderly resigned, he fell into the predicament of being left alone. At noon, I ate a meal for the elderly provided by the street, and my daughter who was far away abroad ordered takeaway for dinner. Not long ago, Uncle Su accidentally scalded his feet due to boiling water, which made him unable to move, and he gradually became unable to take care of himself. Due to the epidemic, the daughters were unable to return to China in time to take care of them. They were very anxious, so they asked the street for help to help their father find a responsible elderly care institution to take care of the elderly as soon as possible.

Due to Uncle Su’s ID card, medical insurance card, etc. The identity certificate has long been lost, and the family entrusted a friend to take the old man to the local police station to expeditiously apply for the certificate for the old man. At the same time, Xue Jiajing, the person in charge of Shanghai Yiyang No. 1 Nursing Home under Wanhong Pension Group, went to check the situation together with the resident doctors.

Xue Jiajing told reporters that he and the doctor bent down to want to When communicating with Uncle Su, I found that due to the old man living alone for a long time, his thinking ability and language ability have deteriorated, and he can no longer interact and communicate well. The resident doctor immediately gave the old man a preliminary examination. The old man’s scalded feet made everyone feel distressed. Xue Jiajing immediately reported Uncle Su’s situation to the relevant person in charge of Wanhong Pension Group and was instructed, “Regardless of whether the elderly meet the conditions for living in an institution, the elderly must be taken good care of!”

In the afternoon of that day, the resident doctor of the institution contacted Xinhua Hospital to open a green channel for old man Su, and Xue Jiajing accompanied the old man throughout the process. At the same time, the doctors re-sterilized and bandaged the old man’s feet. “The doctor said that the old man’s body was malnourished due to long-term irregular diet. Apart from the burns on his feet, his body was basically fine.” After the result, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Subsequently, Old Man Su was sent to Yiyang No. 1 Nursing Home for proper settlement. Due to changing to an unfamiliar environment, the old man felt a little uneasy. Xue Jiajing held the old man’s hand tightly and comforted him warmly: “Uncle Su, this will be your home from now on. You can live here with peace of mind, we all Is your family!”

After careful care by the staff of Yiyang No. If there are two people. He had his hair cut, shaved his beard, put on clean clothes, his feet have basically healed, and he can still take a walk in the garden, and his mental state is getting better and better. When Xue Jiajing connected with Uncle Su’s daughter who was abroad for a video visit again, they were very moved: “Father finally has a place where he can spend his old age in peace, thank you!”

The picture comes from Wanhong Pension Group

Text: Li Bo

Editor: Gao Qin

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