Harvard University found: the relationship between drinking porridge and mortality, people who drink porridge for a long time live longer?

Chinese people still prefer to drink porridge. Many people are used to drinking porridge and eating pickles in the morning. This breakfast habit was once said to be unhealthy, and now it is recognized by Harvard University Studies have found that drinking porridge for a long time is actually more beneficial to longevity. Is drinking porridge good or bad for health?

What is the relationship between drinking porridge and mortality?

The study conducted by Harvard University was published in“China Daily Network”, pointed out in the research report that drinking a bowl of multigrain porridge every day, cardiovascular disease9% reduction in the risk of disease and death risk of 5%.

A total of 100,000 people’s data were included in this study, and the data of these 100,000 people were analyzed for 15 years. In the final feedback survey, more than 25,000 people died, and their physical condition was not bad before entering the study.

And these people often drink porridge, and the porridge they drink is also different. Some people drinkOatmeal porridge , some people drink brown rice, corn porridge, and some people drink normal porridge. After comprehensive investigation and analysis, it is found that they often drink span>Miscellaneous Grain CongeeThe probability of suffering from diseases is relatively low.

According to the results of this study, people who often drink multigrain porridge have indeed benefited, but they also need to understand a few points, these are Whether the population can live longer and reduce the incidence of related diseases is also affected by other factors, which is also unknown.

In addition, this study refers to multigrain porridge, not to say that all porridge can help prolong life, which means Drinking the right porridge may benefit the body.

There is one more thing I hope to seerationally, it is this point of viewThere is no more evidence, just relying on this point, I still hope to try to understand, don’t be too Too blind, or exaggerated, otherwise it may not bring benefits to the body, but may have adverse effects.

Is drinking porridge often good for health or harmful to health?

This requiresspecific analysis of specific situations Yes, according to Harvard’s research, it is good for health to insist on drinking multigrain porridge, which is rich in dietary fiber, The nutrition is relatively rich, and most of them contain high-quality carbohydrates, which is a good choice for patients with high blood sugar or other three highs A good choice, it is beneficial to reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It also needs to be eaten according toyour own situation , even multigrain porridge is suitable for three high people, if such people suffer from some gastrointestinal diseases It is not recommended to eat it frequently. After all, too much crude fiber intake may cause some damage to the stomach.

And for someold people, You can eat some coarse grain porridge appropriately, but you can’t eat it every day. You can eat it with fine grain porridge, which may be more beneficial to your health. The gastrointestinal function is relatively poor, and excessive intake of crude fiber is likely to cause gastrointestinal burden, and indigestion is prone to occur.

If what you eat is not multigrain porridge, but ordinary white porridge, and it is customary to serve it with pickles, then that’s another story, If you drink this kind of porridge often, it may not be good for your health.There are two main points:

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1. The porridge itself< /strong>, white porridge is mostly boiled from rice, which means that the sugar content is relatively high. It will also increase the sugar content.

For people with high blood sugar, it is not recommended to take too much, even older peopleIt is not recommended to eat too much, for children, eating too much porridge is not good, and nutritional supplements may not be in place.

If you add some vegetables or meat to the porridge, it may make the porridge nutritious, and it may taste healthier , to reduce unnecessary damage.

2. White porridge with pickles and fried dough sticks, such a combination, in life In fact, it is very common. Many people eat this way for breakfast. They think that white porridge with pickles will make the meal more delicious, and adding fried dough sticks will make them more full.

It’s okay to eat occasionally, but if you eat it often, it may cause damage to the blood vessels, and it is easy to block the blood vessels, speed up hardening of blood vessels, and the possibility of cardiovascular disease will also increase.

Some people say that drinking porridge can nourish the stomach, is it true?

I believe that many people have similar experiences. People and people around will come to say, drink more porridge, which can help nourish the stomach.

Some people listen to it a lot, and they will consciously think that drinking porridge is really nourishing the stomach, and they will drink it regularly Congee, at this time, some people may have a problem, the stomach is not well nourished, and it may even get worse.

There may be doubts, isn’t it said that drinking porridge nourishes the stomach? Regarding this point, we need to understand correctly, Porridge nourishes the stomach, it also needs to be differentiated according to the situation, not everyone is suitable, for insufficient gastric acid secretion For some patients, drinking porridge can increase the secretion of gastric acid, improve stomach discomfort, and make the stomach feel better.

However, for stomach patients with more gastric acid secretion, eating too much porridge is not nourishing The stomach, butadds a burden to the stomach, which may cause the condition to become more serious.

Chinese people have always had the habit of drinking porridge, but the porridge some people drink may not really bring benefits to the body. On the contrary, long-term drinking is not good for health. If you really want to drink porridge to bring benefits to your body, you should work harder and don’t drink porridge blindly.