Cholesterol “big family” announced, doctors advise: to prevent cerebral infarction, you must eat less or not eat

When it comes to cholesterol, perhaps those who are older should know better, because in the cognition of middle-aged and elderly people, cholesterol is a harmful Substances, after ingestion in the body, will also increase the burden on the body.

Cholesterol is divided into good and bad, if bad cholesterol intake is too much, it is likely to cause There are problems with cardiovascular function, so many people deliberately avoid cholesterol intake in their daily lives.

Cholesterol What are the dangers of being too high?

【High blood fat】

There are two main causes of hyperlipidemia, one is congenital genetic factors, which makes it lack of abnormal metabolism of lipoproteins, and the other is the excessive concentration of blood lipids in the blood , and the formation factor of blood lipid is eating too much fat, causing a large amount of fat to accumulate in the blood.

High cholesterol will cause the combination of fat and cholesterol to form low-density lipoprotein, which has Adhesion increases the viscosity of Xingye, and it is also easy to form massive adherents on the blood vessel wall, slow down the metabolism of blood lipids, and easily form hyperlipidemia.

【 High blood pressure]

The main cause of high blood pressure is that blood vessels are insufficient in capacity relative to blood, forming Excessive intravascular pressure, high concentration of cholesterol is a major factor causing increased vascular pressure.

It occupies the space of the blood vessel itself, and also increases the viscosity of the blood, and it is easy to attach to the blood vessel wall Blockage of blood vessels, formation of blood clots, high cholesterol is also the main factor causing high blood pressure.

【Formation of atherosclerosis】 < /span>

Excessive cholesterol, causing hyperlipidemia in the blood, resulting in lipid metabolism disorder, increased blood viscosity, Lipid substances are deposited in the intima of the blood vessel wall, gradually forming small “plaques”, which is called “atherosclerosis” in medicine.

These plaques increase in size and gradually block the blood vessels until the lumen of the blood vessels is narrowed and blood circulation is not If the arterial blood supply to vital organs is insufficient, it will lead to serious consequences. Usually severe is cardiovascular and cerebrovascular atherosclerosis.

【 Shorten lifespan]

The Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Survey shows that cholesterol in Asians per An increase of one unit (1mmol/L), the risk of cardiovascular disease death will increase by 35%, and the risk of stroke related to blood vessels will also increase by 25%.

According to research, men with high cholesterol live four to four years shorter than those with low cholesterol nine years. The researchers observed the participants for as little as 16 years and as long as 34 years.

Cholesterol “big household” announced, doctor’s advice: To prevent cerebral infarction, you must eat less or not eat

  • Pig trotter

I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with food like pig’s trotters. Many female friends may eat pig’s trotters for beauty. There may be a certain amount of collagen in pig’s trotters, but it will not achieve the effect of beauty and beauty at all. On the contrary, the fat and cholesterol content in trotters is very high, which will increase the burden on the body.

  • Salted duck eggs

Salted duck eggs are a kind of food that people usually eat Food, salted duck eggs can serve as a meal, and are also loved by people, but the yolk of duck eggs itself contains cholesterol, and the cholesterol content will further increase after pickling, so salted duck eggs are also a high-cholesterol food.< /span>

  • Pig large intestine

I believe that everyone loves the food of pig large intestine. Pig large intestine tastes more delicious, and after various cooking, it can also satisfy people’s appetite, but if the pig large intestine is cleaned If it is not done properly, it will cause harmful substances to enter the body, and at the same time, the cholesterol and fat in it will increase.

  • Brain Flower

When people usually eat hot pot, they may order a brain flower to eat. It satisfies people’s appetite, but the cholesterol content in brain flower is very high. If you eat it frequently in daily life, it may cause serious burden to the cardiovascular system. I hope you can show mercy.

Check The following things have raised cholesterol, I hope you can get rid of it as soon as possible

Smoking:< /span>

Smoking is harmful to health, this is a truth that many people understand, but some people who are more addicted to smoking just can’t give up smoking Habits, so the speech is among them, regular smoking will not only damage the lungs, but also may affect the health of the cardiovascular system, which is not conducive to lowering cholesterol, so I hope you can get rid of the habit of smoking as soon as possible.


< p data-track="32">Drinking is very common in daily life. Maybe many people feel very comfortable when drinking, so they are relatively addicted to alcohol and are unwilling to quit. Regular drinking will damage the liver, and at the same time, it will also cause blood vessels to be unfavorable for maintaining the stability of cholesterol.

lack Exercise:

If you do not exercise for a long time, it will easily affect the normal function of the body. It can also lead to obesity. The key point is that proper exercise can also help promote blood circulation and help protect cardiovascular health, so people with high cholesterol should exercise appropriately.

Can elevated cholesterol lead to obesity?

Because high cholesterol can affect cardiovascular health , so people will unconsciously associate this substance with fat, so people worry that high cholesterol will lead to obesity.

In principle, cholesterol is not real fat, but if cholesterol continues to rise, it will indeed cause body fat, so I hope everyone can treat this matter correctly Things.

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