Hangzhou Gongshu: “Song Rhyme Hangzhou” Meets the Millennium Song-style Aesthetics

On the evening of August 4th, 2022 Hangzhou Midsummer Night – “Wulin Yixiu·Song Yun Hangzhou” and the opening ceremony of Wulin Road Women’s Street in Gongshu District, Hangzhou was staged wonderfully in Wulin Square.

Wulin Road Women’s Street Opening Ceremony. Photo courtesy of the Publicity Department of Gongshu District Committee

Wulin Road connects to the Grand Canal in the north and Xizi Lake in the south, connecting the two world cultural heritage sites. The “Great Wulin Business Circle” with Wulin Road as the core, gathers more than 3,300 enterprises, and is one of the most influential business circles in the country.

With the strong driving force of the “Da Wulin business district”, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in Gongshu District will reach 127.34 billion yuan in 2021, ranking first among counties (cities, districts) in Zhejiang Province.

In the future, the newly unveiled Wulin Road will fully take on the hard core responsibility of the pioneer in the construction of a new consumption center city. This event, sponsored by the Gongshu District People’s Government and the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, will continue to launch a series of consumption promotion activities, dedicated to lighting up the city, a better life, and activating the “main engine” of consumption.

Performance. Photo by Zhao Jinhui

That night, the stage of the martial arts clothing show was bright and colorful. It is reported that in addition to the runway show, this year’s martial arts clothing show also incorporates elements of Song Yun. In the stage of revitalizing the performing arts of Song painting, the activity is based on the artist’s handwriting of the Southern Song Dynasty Painting Academy, combined with dance and catwalk performances, to present the scenes of the Song Dynasty and the demeanor of the ladies in a three-dimensional manner.

Wulin Yixiu witnessed the glorious history of Hangzhou style womenswear. Behind this is the industrial support of the Hangzhou Municipal Government. In 2002, Hangzhou women’s clothing was well-known both inside and outside the province, and the Hangzhou Municipal Government seized the opportunity to invest in building “the first street of women’s clothing in China”, focusing on the display of women’s clothing in Hangzhou, thereby driving the women’s clothing industry.

After 20 years of development, Hangzhou women’s clothing industry is in the ascendant, from small foreign trade stores, independent design, brand agglomeration to new formats in the wave of the Internet.

Wulin Yixiu. Photo courtesy of the Publicity Department of Gongshu District Committee

In the future, Wulin Road Ladies Street will jointly launch Wulin Fashion with Zhejiang Technology and Business University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China Academy of Art, Zhejiang Media Institute, Zhejiang University City College, and Zhejiang Conservatory of Music The school continues to contribute to the development of the industry, and polishes the golden name card of Gongshu’s “Fashion Capital”.

“The development of Wulin Road is the epitome of the rapid development of Hangzhou’s women’s clothing industry. Wulin Road has achieved its current status only because of its own actions.” Costume designer Wu Haiyan said.

In 2008, Wulin Road was awarded the “First Street of China’s Fashion Women’s Wear” by the China Chamber of Commerce, the “Commercial Street with Chinese Characteristics” by the China Pedestrian Street Working Committee, and the “Commercial Culture” by the China Business Culture Research Association. Construction Contribution Award”.

Wulin Night Market. Photo by Zhao Jinhui

And today, this street is facing the future, opening up a “metaverse street”, unlocking the consumer experience in the digital age, and creating a national benchmark for in-depth cultural tourism consumption.

Walking through it now, flowers are sent to each other. Small shops along the street, beautiful signs collide with creativity and fashion, and newly added wooden benches for citizens and tourists to rest.

The naked-eye 3D wall painting, photoelectric glass, and interactive electronic screen innovate consumption scenarios, and the sense of diamond, colorful glass, veil, and bubble dream constantly enriches the layers of streets and alleys. Using AR technology, the space of Wulin Road has been upgraded, and a Wulin Road in the “metaverse” has been created.

The relevant person in charge said that a series of trendy interactive activities in Wulin District will continue until the end of August. With the continuous increase of high-quality services and the continuous improvement of infrastructure, Wulin Road Pedestrian Street will surely meet the ever-escalating consumer demand, activate the vitality of the consumer market, and inject stronger impetus into the healthy development of the urban economy.