got windy! There is only half a day left for the Qianfoshan Blind Date Conference. Hurry up and get off the list while it is cool.

Reporter Chen Zhen Zhao Changchun

August 7, the first weekend in August, also ushered in the beginning of the autumn solar term, compared with the high temperature of the previous days It was sultry, with cool breezes on the Qianfo Mountain on Sunday, and the cloudy weather also brought the temperature down to 33°C.

Many single young people took advantage of the weekend to go to the mountains early in the morning. On the morning of the 7th, the Qianfoshan Blind Date Conference once again ushered in a small blind date peak. A group of handsome guys and beauties met in the Qianfo Shandong Square, facing the cool breeze, looking for their fate under the shade of the trees.

“I didn’t sleep in in the morning, I came after 8 o’clock! Today is really the most comfortable day, the weather was sultry a few days ago, see Many girls have spent all their makeup on, and they still feel a little distressed… It’s cool in autumn today.” At the blind date meeting, Mr. Zhou, who works in Jinan, went up the mountain early in the morning to wait for his destined person. “I’ve been here for the past few days, and it’s still windy on the mountain today, it’s really comfortable…”

With the arrival of Sunday, Chinese Valentine’s Day The Qianfoshan blind date conference is also coming to an end. This blind date conference will close at 5:00 pm on August 7th. The location of the conference is still in the parking lot in the east gate of Qianfoshan Scenic Area. If you are also single, then come to the Qianfoshan Blind Date Conference, and grab the little tail of the weekend for the last half of the day to find your own destiny.