Good View Shandong | Capture the beauty of summer! Jinan Flower Garden Park is lush and poetic

The eyes are full of green, welcome guests! Come and capture the little beauty of summer together!

Good View Shandong|Capturing the beauty of summer! Jinan Flower Garden Park is lush and poetic.

On August 2, the intelligence officer “Sunshine Xiake” reported to Qilu Yidian, the official client of Qilu Evening News Send a group of beautiful photos of Jinan Flower Garden Park. As far as the eye can see, it is all green, bringing a cool feeling to the hot summer!

Good View Shandong|Capture the beauty of summer! Jinan Flower Garden Park is lush and poetic.

“Jinan Garden Park in dog days is full of fragrant flowers, shady and unique! This is just today It was taken and shared with everyone,” the intelligence officer said.

Sculpture sketches, lotus fragrance and blue waves, every scene is full of poetry. Many tourists who come here to enjoy the cool air are attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of you. You may wish to bring a camera and freeze the beautiful scenery around you!

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets! Say goodbye to the splendor of spring and usher in the lushness of summer. From now on, the second season of Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian’s “Good Scenery Shandong” special plan officially kicks off. Welcome Yifan and intelligence officers to share the beautiful scenery of Shandong in summer, and work together The beautiful Shandong “new business card” with bright green hills, green waters, and fresh air.

Congratulations to the above intelligence for getting the best intelligence today, the intelligence officer will receive a 5 yuan red envelope reward from the intelligence station staff! Do you also have this beautiful scenery around you? Use the camera to record and capture the beauty around you. Welcome to the information station to share~

Interactive editor Wang Xuefei