Another 0-0 match, Morocco drew with last runner-up Croatia

Morocco played against Croatia in the first match of the fourth day of the World Cup in Qatar.

At the end of the game, Morocco drew 0-0 with Croatia.

You come to me in the first half There is offense and defense against each other. In the 13th minute, the Moroccan team attacked from the right, and the pass was confiscated by the goalkeeper after the Croatian player blocked the goal. In the 16th minute of the game, Perisic took a long shot after stealing the ball from midfield, and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar. Afterwards, although the two sides entangled in the midfield, neither created an attack that could actually threaten the opponent’s goal! In the 45th minute, Croatia seized Morocco’s defensive negligence and cooperated in the penalty area. Vlasic’s final shot was saved by the goalkeeper. In the end, the two sides ended the first half 0-0.

Easy side to fight again, Croatia took the lead in substitutions. Vlasic is replaced by Pasalic. In the 52nd minute, the Croatian team used a corner kick to complete a goal by Lovren. In the 59th minute, Morocco made a substitution. The injured Mazrawi could not insist on being replaced by No. 25 Yahya Allah. In the 64th minute, Morocco used a free kick in the front court and Ashraf returned the color. After that, both sides made no further achievements, and they shook hands 0-0.

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(FIFA World Cup Weibo)