Go camping, set up a relaxed, warm and calm booth

Author: zhoulong3303

For camping, I may not like it very much. However, I heard that I like to sit and chat with a few friends, and I also like to toss some various equipment. So, I gradually fell in love with this leisurely “social” activity.

Wenzhou in the beginning of autumn these days, the temperature does not seem to be as hot as before. After the rain, it also has a relatively refreshing feeling. I also took advantage of the new rain and called my friends to set up a table in the countryside.

This equipment belt A lot, the main thing to share is the good things on this table. Fans, lamps, cutlery sets, tables… Of course, there are chairs, camp cars, etc. in addition to the desktop. The reasons introduced earlier are briefly mentioned here.

Outdoors in Wenzhou area are based on landscapes, in order to facilitate people’s better leisure. Wetland parks have been planned in many places. This time, my friends and I still found a wetland park. When parking and entering, of course, you still need to use the camp vehicle to load these equipments. The convenience of the Tutu foldable camper I purchased earlier made me continue to carry it this time.

In find us After Ben saw a suitable campsite, I locked the car and put up the canopy. For the choice of the canopy, I suggest that it can effectively shade the sun, can effectively prevent the rain, and is easy to build.

Of course, in There is another convenience in setting up stalls in the park, that is, pavilions are set up in many places. Considering the height and space, I moved the stall to this pavilion after discussing with my friends.

In the setting sun, set up a stall. The rest is leisurely chatting and eating. Occasionally curious passers-by strike up a conversation, vacate the seat, blow the fan, and chat about some unplanned content. At this time, I will also introduce these equipment to the passersby I encounter.

Tutu Outdoor Rectangular Aluminum Alloy Egg Roll Table

This table will be curious to many people: “Have you brought the table out?” “The table is quite big, how did you bring it here?” “Is it convenient for you to bring the table in from the outside?”… Many questions , I am also enthusiastic when answering questions.

I will tell you that this The table is folded when not in use, and there is a storage bag that is easy to handle. The bag also has table legs and a partition plan for the desktop. Because of the aluminum alloy material, it is very light and durable.

When building, it is very convenient, just take out the table legs and support it. This action of raising the legs of the table is estimated to be completed in a few seconds. Very convenient.

In terms of details, all the handover positions are reinforced and riveted with metal parts. This makes this table highly load-bearing and stable. Greatly improved.

The cross structure is very stable. Reinforcement can be said to add a layer of stability to a solid foundation. This is probably the meaning of double insurance.

The desktop is curled and stored like an egg roll when not in use. It is also made of aluminum alloy, which has the effect of durable, durable and impact-resistant. The surface is decorated with natural wood color, which also adds a natural atmosphere.

After unfolding, there are two buckles on each side, and the tabletop and table legs can be combined into one through the buckle .

The supported desktop will carry a fan for cool wind in the next time, bringing a camp lamp with a gentle night, as well as tableware and other objects . Of course, the exquisite desktop also carries our joyful mood.

Tutu Outdoor Portable Stainless Steel Camping Tableware

This is A cutlery set designed for camping. The tableware is arranged for 4 persons. Each serving has a bowl, saucer, cup, knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks.

All the cutlery when carrying It is stored in the cutlery tray. The size of the cutlery tray is 280*200*110mm. In addition to storage, the used cutlery can also be washed in the cutlery tray. Of course, you can also wash vegetables and fruits here.

For over-the-top equipment, we must first pay attention to safety when choosing. This set of cutlery is made of 304 stainless steel, and some plastic parts (cutlery tray cover, etc.) are food-grade PP. Therefore, we can choose this set of tableware with peace of mind and peace of mind.

From the details, the bowl mouth is rounded, and the cups and saucers are rolled the design of. When you use it, you can feel a rounded feeling when you touch your mouth and tongue. And this small design such as rounded corners also brings safety and comfort to use. Don’t worry about scratching your skin.

Each serving of knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks also has a small storage structure. This is convenient when storing, and when dividing dishes with friends.

Take out the knife, fork and spoon, you can see that the outermost corners are also rounded. It is safe and comfortable to hold and eat. There is also a non-slip groove design at the end of the chopsticks. It is convenient for us to pick up all kinds of food.

Stainless steel also has the characteristics of high toughness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance in use. So we can hold all kinds of food.

The outside of the tableware has a frosted texture design, which can bring a non-slip effect when it is lifted, stainless steel The bowl has a double-layer (hollow) design in structure, so it can effectively insulate the temperature. This night, the preserved egg and lean meat porridge can be drunk slowly in your hand at the back end of the pot.

< p>The side dishes and seasonings can be placed in a small dish, and the design of one set for one person is also convenient to use. Everyone can make sauces in this dish according to their own taste preferences.

Of course, the 4-piece set that no one is independent is also independent in use, avoiding the phenomenon of food crossing, which also brings a more hygienic feeding effect.

Tutu Outdoor Camping Tripod Fan (Tent Ceiling Fan Lamp)

This fan is also very characteristic. It can be used as an upright tripod without The tripod can also be placed directly on the desktop, and it can also be hung as a “drop fan”, or it can have a lighting effect.

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There is a 10000mAh polymer battery inside the fan, which lasts 27 hours in one gear. The maximum battery life is also 8 hours. A cool breeze at night is guaranteed. The high-quality motor also brings a quiet use effect. This allows us to sleep peacefully in the tent.

The folded D-ring can achieve the effect of hanging, and the brand is also equipped with hooks. Convenient for us to fall into the tent.

The design of dual charging and discharging ports allows us to use this device when small devices such as mobile phones are out of power. The fan does emergency charging. The thick plastic cover also brings a reliable “three-proof” effect.

The indicator light can indicate the status of the fan (timing), in addition to lighting, switch (adjustment) gear) and other buttons and have the configuration of indicator lights. Therefore, when using it, we can clearly know the size and gear of the wind.

When the tripod is removed, it can also be used directly on the desktop.

The outermost side of the fan is a ring light design with three levels of brightness. Bright, warm and free to create.

For this fan, the conclusion is: a light that can be used as a power bank It’s a good fan.

Tutu Outdoor Camping Lamp

This is a Retro camps with stepless dimming effects, etc., IPX4 waterproof and can be hung, and can also be used as a table lamp stably. The ABS electroplated lampshade brings protection as well as embellishment. The bottom of the front is a knob for stepless dimming, and the metal nameplate also shows the texture.

The retro appearance is made of exquisite craftsmanship, and it can be said to be a handicraft embellishing the desktop when placed on the table. There are also white, red, green and black in color matching. Color matching is optional. It is convenient for friends with different preferences and needs to choose.

The portable design is convenient to carry at night, Light up wherever you go.

5000mAh capacity battery also brings long battery life If you need it, the C port can be directly charged to make the supply more convenient. The anti-slip pad at the bottom allows it to be placed stably in different scenes.

Turn the switch, the warm orange light brings a warm and romantic range. As the brightness increases, the color temperature also changes, and different color temperature and brightness also meet different scenes Demand. At the same time, it also creates a different atmosphere.

When the brightness is low, the above picture is the effect of the warm orange light of the LED filament. The brightest time is the warm white lighting effect brought by the multiple LED lights at the top of the interior.

In the night, camp lights and small fans complement each other, and the desktop is warmly lit.

After camping, you can feel relaxed and comfortable. This has brought a rare calm under the epidemic. It also meets our needs for socializing through activities. And this set of camping tabletop equipment from Tutu adds a lot to this relaxation, comfort and calmness.

The weather is getting colder too, it’s time to pack up and go camping…..

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