Go abroad! Juye’s Fine Art Peony Paintings Debut in Times Square, New York

Yao Shuzhao, a painter from Juye County, never imagined that his work would one day be displayed in Times Square, New York, USA. August 4, 2022, is the day when Juye’s fine brushwork peony painting raises its eyebrows on the international stage. On the big screen in Times Square, New York, known as the “crossroads of the world”, Juye’s fine brushwork peony painting masterpiece “Changhong in a Prosperous Age” is played in a loop. attention.

At 6 a.m. local time in New York on August 4, Times Square in New York was bustling and bustling, and people of all colors were flowing. The striking Chinese elements attracted people to stop and watch. Occasionally local Chinese, international students and tourists pass by, and they are more cordial when they see the Chinese typed above. The original ecological local art from China echoes the advertisements of foreign brands from all over the world, making the viewers seem to travel through the region and exclaim the wonder.

“Changhong in a Prosperous Age” uses peony, Yanhe River (Yellow River) and Pagoda Mountain as the creative elements. The peony symbolizes the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland; the Yanhe River reflects the original mission of the Chinese Communists; the Pagoda Mountain symbolizes the revolution Spirit; the Yellow River embodies the Chinese nation’s invincible, invincible, tenacious and strong character.

It is reported that “Changhong in a Prosperous Age” was created by Yao Shuzhao, Kong Qingchen, Xu Zhaozhong, Hou Fuchang, Yao Aihong, Li Qiaoling (Yao Shuzhao’s wife), Pei Weiwei, Lv Guoping, Wang Huilishen Created, inscribed by Pang Donghua. With the help of the Chinese Peasant Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, and the invitation of international friendly organizations, the works were successfully broadcast on the big screen in Times Square, New York, allowing Juye Gongbi Peony Painting to go abroad and enter the international stage.

(Reported by Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhao Niandong, correspondent Zang Dongming)