“Appreciate, smell, taste, listen” What is your impression of Qiu?

“The summer depression has not yet subsided, and the cool diving has begun.”

Beijing time At 20:29 on August 7,

will usher in the first solar term of autumn – the beginning of autumn

Wrap a wisp of autumn wind into your arms and capture a piece of autumn leaves that are still and beautiful.

A year, the most beautiful light autumn, just like this.

Autumn Maple Leafs

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The maple forest is like fire and the red leaves are like the glow, which is the symbol of autumn. It is reminiscent of Du Mu’s “Mountain Walk”, “Parking and sitting in love with maple trees late, frost leaves red in February flowers”.

Autumn Appreciation·Indus

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Golden leaves under the sun are an intoxicating sight in autumn. Wang Changling wrote in “Five Poems of Changxin Autumn Poems”, “The autumn leaves of Jinjing Indus are yellow, and the bead curtain does not roll up to frost at night”.


The fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus is a limited memory in autumn. Intoxicated. How fragrant is sweet-scented osmanthus? Just look at Fan Chengda’s “Second Rhyme Ma Shaoyi Muxi”. ”

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Autumn is here, and the ripe fresh fruits hang on the fruit trees, and the air is filled with a sweet smell. Yang Wanli’s “Quzhou Near City Orchard” outlines the scene of this bumper harvest, “Yellow oranges, green oranges, dark red persimmons, and the trees shed their branches without wind.”

Taste Autumn Watermelon

The beginning of autumn is known as the saying of eating autumn, eating watermelon eliminates the heat of the rest of the summer and welcomes the cool autumn. This is also recorded in the “Capital Chronicle”, “One day before the beginning of autumn, eating watermelon is called eating autumn.”

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Taste Autumn·Taro

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Eating taro is one of the customs on the beginning of autumn. The soft and delicate taste is hard not to like. Listen to how Lu You’s “Send a Guest” praises taro, “cooking chestnuts and simmering taro kui, delicious and delicious to the enemy.”

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< p>Listen to Autumn·Autumn Rain

The autumn rain in August slid down the eaves and tapped the masonry on the ground. That kind of coziness is reflected in Bai Juyi’s “Sleep in the Autumn Rain”, “After sleeping late, after the light goes out, I sleep beautifully in the sound of rain.”

Listening to Autumn Crickets

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When the beginning of autumn arrives, the crickets call. The cricket, known as the “Autumn Worm”, begins to play the music of the night. Lu You described such a scene in “Qiu Xing”, “The cricket only knows that the autumn season is early, and the plantain is raining a lot.”

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