Gaode will play: contract for a lifetime of Qixi Festival hotel money, a total of 47,400 yuan can be discounted

“Look at Bixiao tonight on Qixi Festival, and the morning bull and the weaver girl cross the river bridge”.

As the most romantic festival in Chinese tradition, the Qixi Festival is known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, and planning ahead and romantic travel has become a habitual user behavior.

Guide Maps today launched the “Guide Hotel Tanabata Lifetime Free Bill” campaign, and selected a friend on Weibo to contract TA’s lifetime hotel budget for the Qixi Festival, According to the age of 22 to 100, each Qixi Festival is 600 yuan, worth a total of 47,400 yuan, which can be discounted.

According to previous reports, hotels around the world will usher in the peak occupancy on the day of Qixi Festival. Couples in urban areas are more willing to celebrate the festival, and bookings have increased by 30% compared with weekdays.

In terms of hotel types, the bookings of high-end and luxury hotels have increased significantly year-on-year, and art hotels and lovers-themed hotels are very popular among consumers. In addition to considering comfort and cleanliness, couples are more inclined to look for special hotels to stay on the Qixi Festival.