Fudan University research: folic acid promotes cancer development, is it safe to supplement folic acid? tell you the answer

Many women know that they need folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and pregnancy. In recent years, scientists have also discovered some other benefits of folic acid to human health, not only this group of women is necessary to supplement, but also some other groups.

However, with the continuous research on it, it has gradually discovered its disadvantages to human health, and found that it can actually promote the development of cancer develop. What the hell is going on here? Do you want to add more, is it safe? About folic acid, I will talk to you today. You might as well read it early, and you will know the truth after you understand it.

Folic acid can actually promote cancer development, what is going on?

Researchers from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University conducted experiments and studies on mice and human hepatocellular carcinoma samples, and finally found that:

The mice in the study were all subjected to a purified high-fat diet. Finally,Folic acid intake group span>, liver cancer develops rapidly. In human samples, this alsopromoted the development of liver cancer.

From this result, the two are indeed A certain connection was confirmed.

Since this is the case, some people’s attitude towards folic acid may change a lot at once, thinking it is bad, then There is no need to add, is it true? The truth is not what you think.

Although studies have found a link between it and cancer,It is only because of excessive intake will cause this result. In other words, it will only happen when there is excessive supplementation, not as long as it is supplemented.

In this study, the dose that promoted cancer development was much higher than the standard group, which was 20mg/kg, ten times higher than the standard group.

So, for this research result, I hope everyone will treat it rationally,< /strong>Do not label folic acid as “promoting cancer development” because of this, let alone draw the conclusion that “folic acid can cause cancer”. What everyone should pay more attention to isDon’t over-supplement, That will do more harm than good.

In addition, excessive supplementation of folic acid has other negative effects, my country Shanghai research team< /span>A study found that excessive supplementation has adverse effects on the early development of organisms, this study was Published in the international comprehensive biological journal biology.

I also hope that everyone will know that whether it is folic acid or Other types of vitamins or other nutritional elements should be based on the principle of “If there is no shortage, don’t add it, and if it is missing, you need to supplement it ” principle, they are not tonics, they are not to cure diseases after eating, and to strengthen the body even if there is no disease. If blindly supplementing in excess, it will be detrimental to health.

For those who need supplementation, folic acid supplementation is still safe as long as it is not excessive.

For those who need supplementation, scientific and reasonable supplementation under the guidance of a doctor is beneficial to health. Don’t worry too much about it. If it is already lacking in the body, but it is not replenished in time, it may have a greater impact over time.

So, generally speaking, how much is the supplement? Which groups of people need to supplement in moderation?

Pregnant and pregnant women:

It is necessary to add that, in general, if there are no special circumstances and no risk factors, it is recommended that women start with possible pregnancy or at least three months before pregnancy Supplement, the dose is 0.4mg/d or 0.8. If there are special circumstances, you can increase the dosage or prolong the supplementary time under the guidance of a doctor, which depends on your actual situation.According to the actual situation.

For second trimester Or late women, appropriate supplementation is also beneficial. For such women, reasonable supplementation,helps prevent fetal neural tube hypoplasia, Reducing the risk of placental abruption and premature birth is beneficial to the health of yourself and the baby in your womb.

Cardiovascular disease patients:

For this group of people, appropriate supplementation is helpfulreduces the risk of stroke, such as some hypertensive patients.

The recommended amount of daily supplementation is 0.8 mg. If there are special circumstances, it needs to be adjusted scientifically under the advice and guidance of a doctor.


< span>Studies have shown that in the treatment of perimenopausal depression, treatment drugs combined with folic acid can help improve discomfort.

Folic acid-related megaloblastic anemia patient:

This group of people can alleviate the abnormal physical performance caused by anemia by supplementing folic acid.

For the general population, there is no need to supplement if there is no shortage, but remind everyone to pay attention to maintaining healthy eating habits in daily life , not picky eaters or partial eclipses. If the diet is unreasonable, it may be lacking after a long time.

In general,Yellow-green vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, asparagus, oranges, broccoli, etc., contain more food.Remind people who do not like to eat fruits and vegetables , pay attention to the right amount of intake, so as not to lack.

For people who need supplements, if the dietary intake cannot meet the body’s needs, for a few dollars and a hundred dollars Folic acid tablets, which one to choose? Is the more expensive one better?

It’s not that the more expensive the better, in fact, a few dollars can generally achieve the purpose of supplementation, if you just need to supplement this One, just a few bucks. Of course, which one to buy is up to the individual. Compared with it, everyone should pay more attention to scientific supplements and not to overdose.

Through the above understanding, everyone must have a better understanding of folic acid. Although studies have found that it can promote cancer development, excessive intake Only then, I hope everyone will treat it rationally, and don’t demonize it because of this. Of course, don’t deify it. Follow the above principles of supplementation and supplement scientifically and moderately, which is beneficial to your health. Supplementation is necessary for the above groups of people. If you are among them, it is recommended to supplement scientifically under the guidance of a doctor, not to supplement by yourself, especially not to supplement in large quantities for a long time, so as to avoid the opposite effect.