“Aerobic exercise” wastes time and accelerates aging? How to exercise efficiently if you want to lose weight?

Everyone knows that physical activity is good for health, but many people don’t know how to exercise is right. If the activities are wrong, it will bring some extra burden to the body, even affect the health of the body, and accelerate aging, such as aerobic exercise.

What is aerobic exercise ?

As we all know, exercise is divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Compared with anaerobic exercise, most people in life are more willing and more common to do The most important thing is aerobic exercise. It is exercise with sufficient oxygen. During exercise, the oxygen inhaled by the body can meet the needs of the body, so that the body can exercise with greater endurance. For examplebrisk walking, square dancing, rope skipping, mountain climbing, cycling are all aerobic exercises .

Insist on making the body take in more oxygen, forblood pressure, blood sugar, heart function, mood and other poor physical conditions can control and improve, and at the same time, it can alsoconsume some calories in the body to help lose weight.

But some people say that if you do too much aerobic exercise, your body will age faster. Is this true? ?Girls who want to improve their figure can’t do aerobic exercise? How to do this exercise is good. Today’s article will tell you about it.

Through aerobic exercise to lose weight, the effect may not be what you imagined

Li Jieruo, director of the Sports Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said that people will age if they do not exercise, but the speed is slow. If you do an appropriate amount of exercise, you can slow down aging at the rate of aging itself, such as aerobic exercise.

But if you exercise too much, it will hurt your body

Because aerobic exercise increases the blood flow of the exercising body parts, resulting in scarce blood flow to the brain, resulting in hypoxia in the brain, and accelerates the aging of the brain. It will also increase the wear and tear of various tissues and accelerate the speed of aging, such asjoint wear and tear, skin exposed to ultraviolet rays, etc.

That is to say, aerobic exercise should not be excessive, but should be moderate. In this way, it can promote the body’s metabolism, exercise the heart and lungs, and let the body More mental vitality, promote muscle development, and prevent osteoporosis.

Although aerobic exercise can help the body burn calories and fat, butrun hard for an hour After that, the body actually consumes very little calories, as long as you drink a bottle of soda after exercise, the calories you finally consumed will come back. And if youstop aerobic exercise,you will find that the weight lost will be very fast< span>“rebound”,even some people will be fatter than before.

Although aerobic exercise will consume fat, in fact, if you look at the long-term weight loss effect, aerobic weight loss is actually not the best choice . It is also because when the body first starts aerobic exercise, not only consumes fat, but also consumes amino acids in the body,Amino acids are synthesized Protein is an important substance, and protein is a part of muscle composition, and muscle content will affect the efficiency of body metabolism.

Slow body metabolism will lead to less than half of the body’s daily intake of calories, and the rest of the calories will be consumed if you do not exercise If consumed, it will be converted into fat and accumulated in the body, making the body gradually gain weight.

I want to lose weight without rebounding and increase the weight after exercise “Excessive oxygen consumption” is the correct way to lose weight.

Anaerobic exercise is short-term high-intensity, high-load exercise that makes your body short consume more energy over time. What is excessive aerobic exercise, literally, is an exercise that consumes oxygen in the bodyIt can be said that when the body is performing high-intensity anaerobic exercise, the oxygen in the body cannot assist the body’s metabolism.

In this way, the body can metabolize and decompose body heat through anaerobic to produce a large amount of lactic acid, and then decompose fat by oxidizing lactic acid, To achieve the effect of slimming.

It’s a little difficult to understand, but to understand it in a simple way is that when you do plank support, your body will consume a lot of calories. The fat in the body cannot provide a lot of calories in a short period of time, but the body needs energy for exercise, so the body will consume the stored glycogen and maintain the normal operation of the body by breaking down the glycogen.

When the body’s well-stored glycogen is consumed, the body’s glycogen is empty, so fat, etc. The substance will start to oxidize, and the glycogen will be replenished, so the body will lose weight.

Excessive oxygen consumption will not increase the excessive loss of body muscles, but also because the body undergoes a large amount of pressure in a short period of time The loaded muscles are stimulated, and the fibers in the muscles are destroyed. At this time, supplementing a large amount of protein in the body can promote muscle growth, and achieve muscle gain As a result, muscle growth also means an increase in metabolic efficiency.

So, after aerobic exercise, doing some resistance and excess oxygen-consuming exercise is the best match for weight loss. Excessive oxygen-consuming exercises include plank support, elastic bands, hip bridges, push-ups, barbells, squats, wall squats, etc.


In a word, if you do physical activity, you will definitely lose weight, or It is not to say that the body will not rebound after losing weight. After aerobic exercise, it is also necessary to exercise excessive oxygen consumption. You can try it now.