Can you lose weight and control blood sugar by eating “cold rice”? Jiaotong University professor introduces “resistant starch” to you

With the improvement of health awareness, people will not be too nostalgic for overnight dishes, and they will not have to keep them for a few days until they are finished. Rural people’s leftovers can be fed to pigs, ducks and dogs, while urban people’s can only be thrown into the trash can, but what is this compared to good health?

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But there is a saying about leftovers recently, saying that eating cold rice overnight can help you lose weight, and Can control blood sugar. Some people even say that cooked rice can prevent bowel cancer if eaten cold Believe it or not.

What are the benefits of “cold rice”? A professor from Jiaotong University introduces “resistant starch”

As one of the staple foods of our people, rice is a kind of starchy food, which is almost inseparable in some areas, and it is also a kind of food with a high glycemic index Food, so people with diabetes must not eat too much. The cold rice and the rice on the dining table are essentially rice, the only difference is the difference between hot and cold.

It is the difference between “cold and hot”, which makes the rice change

Professor Wang Hui, Dean of the School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine said that after the rice is put in the refrigerator, the The starchy material becomesresistant starch.

Professor said that resistant starch, also called indigestible starch, is a carbohydrate with a low glycemic index, that is, It is said that after eating, it will not cause the body’s blood sugar to fluctuate like a hot meal. Because this substance is digested slowly in the body and will not be easily absorbed,So it also helps Positive effect of improving blood sugar, blood lipids, intestinal health, andhelping lose weight< span>. Foods that also contain resistant starch like cold rice includepotatoes, bananas, cold steamed buns, cold bread, raw beans, etc.

But what everyone should pay attention to here is that although resistant starch does It has many positive effects, butWhether eating cold rice can achieve the effect of losing weight and lowering blood sugar, at present, there is no salt to prove that it is possible, Because there is no clear answer on how much resistant starch content is contained in overnight rice. And cold rice is cold after all, and it is not fresh, which is not in line with the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” to eat fresh food, that is to say, you can’t blindly eat cold rice to lose weight and control blood sugar. After all, it is just a food, and you still need medical treatment if you want to lower your blood sugar.

Eating cold rice can also prevent bowel cancer?

Above Speaking of, resistant starch is a substance that is not easily digested by the body and absorbed by the stomach. For the elderly who continue to nourish and have poor physical fitness, as well as those with poor stomach itself, this is undoubtedly a stimulus. For Physical fitness is also a challenge.

Nutritionist said that eating cold rice does more harm than good, and it should not be touted too much

Often eating overnight meals will definitely be detrimental to gastrointestinal health, and slowly induce gastrointestinal diseases. Moreover, food safety issues also need to be paid attention to. If the food that has not been resolved for a long time has deterioration and bacterial growthIt is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye alone, so the burden of disease prevention should not be completely placed on one kind of food.

If you want a healthy body, you still need a variety of nutrients in a variety of foods to supplement. When the body is well-nourished and its immunity is improved, it will naturally prevent various diseases and even reduce the risk of cancer.

People who often cook can know how much rice is put in the cooking pot by looking at the number of people. The rice in it can’t be finished in one meal, and it will be almost cold by the next meal. If you don’t want to have diarrhea and want a better taste, if you don’t use it to make porridge, it will be reheated.< /span>

Is it true or false that someone said “reheated rice can cause cancer”?

If the leftover rice is not eaten in time, in winter, it will not be sealed and put in the refrigerator like in summer, but directly outside. Although the temperature will not be as high as in summer, it will be easy to spoil. It may also be easy to breed some bacteria and microorganisms, so eating rice in the stomach will also cause diarrhea, but it will not cause cancer. The heated rice will naturally remove some germs in it. It is an exaggeration to say that it will cause cancer.

If you want to eat good rice, the key is to buy safe rice, let me teach you how to buy rice

Remember, when buying food, you mustgo to a regular shopping mall, likeIt is best not to buy processed rice, There may be problems with quality and safety.

Afterwards, check if the rice is thatwhite in color, translucent, smooth and plump, with no signs of damage on the surface.It’s okay Touch it to see if it is hard, slippery, cool, feel if you have that kind in your hand< /span>White powder, the powder will be easily wiped away when you pat it with your hand. The last isSmell the rice to see if it has the fragrance of rice, if there are other peculiar smells, it may be inferior rice.

In short, people depend on food, and food is healthy , health, and safety are very important, especially rice, which is inseparable from three meals a day throughout the year. Eat well and boost your immunity.