Meet beauty around the corner! Beauty is here in Songjiang

“I am getting older, My legs and feet are not very good, and I can’t usually walk too far. This small green space is right in front of my house. It feels good to come here for a walk and chat if I have nothing to do.” Recently, a piece of land at the north gate of Moon River Biyuan Community The addition of new scenery to the green space not only brings cosiness and comfort to the nearby residents, but also becomes a “check-in place” for everyone to exercise in the morning and relax in the evening.

Moon River Biyuan Community is located at Lane 51, Hongxiang Road, Fangsong Street. It was builtin 2005. Passers-by trampled on it from time to time, and the green plants gradually became sparse and mottled. Thanks to the “voluntary invitation” and “active planning” of a businessman in the jurisdiction, the dilapidated green space has now taken on a new look.

Before rectification

After the rectification

It is understood that Lu Yan, the person in charge of the business who undertook the renovation of the green space here, is usually a A young man who is interested in public welfare, seeing the green space at the entrance of the community is declining day by day, he took the initiative to come to the Moon River Neighborhood Committee. After discussing with the neighborhood committee and the property, he decided to invest in the design and renovation of the green space to contribute to the community. After confirming the rectification, he immediately invited a team of professional garden designers to come up with ideas and plans on the spot. After two weeks of repairs, a small landscape named “City Twilight·Life is Sweet” “rises up”. “The ‘lollipop’ trimmed from holly trees symbolizes the sweetness of residents living under the leadership of the party and the government; the ‘background wall’ surrounded by hundreds of flowers symbolizes our homeland. It’s colorful.” Lu Yan introduced. In addition, , considering the needs of residents for leisure and chatting, two new benches have been added here, which are both beautiful and practical.

Let the city “Meeting beauty at the corner”, let the “small pocket” be filled with “big happiness”. The transformed green space is neat and beautiful, adding beauty to the Moon River community., It also makes the residents more warm. “After the transformation of this green space, I go in and out of the community every day. Seeing this beautiful scenery, I feel very comfortable.” Lu Yan said, they also set up a “Green Protection Volunteer Team”, not only to “build”, but also to ” “Protection”, let this piece of green be warm and beautiful…

Correspondent: Fang Xiaosong

Editor: Zhou Yuwei