From autumn to winter, keep in good health and pay attention to invigorating the kidneys, preventing cold and protecting yang


November 7 ushered in the beginning of winter of the twenty-four solar terms. Lidong is the nineteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the first solar term in winter.

According to the almanac: “Dou refers to the northwest dimension as Lidong, the end of winter, and at the time of Lidong, everything is finally completed, so it is called Lidong.” There is a saying in “The Collection of Seventy-two Hours of the Moon Order”: “Establishment, the beginning of construction; winter, the end, and the collection of everything.” In ancient times, folks used to regard Lidong solar term as the beginning of winter, and it was the time to collect all things and nourish the kidneys and strengthen the body.

Lidong There are three seasons

< strong>The ancients divided Lidong into three periods: the first period, when the water begins to freeze;

meaning “Water begins to freeze” on the day of Lidong, which is the combination of water and ice. Meng Dong begins to ice, mid-winter is strong, and Ji Dong is full of ice. In the next five days, “the ground begins to freeze”, when the ice is strong, it is called “frozen”, and the ground freezes into condensation, “the sun is floating in the field, and the water is covered with ice”; The big water is a clam, and the mirage is a big clam. The ancients believed that a mirage is formed by exhaling mirage.

The beginning of winter in northern my country Most areas have entered a winter of withering everything and harsh winds, while Guangdong in the south is located in the tropics and subtropics. The sun is warm during the day and the climate is dry, but it is cold in the morning and evening with a large temperature difference. At the turn of autumn and winter, health care and conditioning should follow the trend of natural collections, and appropriate supplements can be used to strengthen the body. At the same time, attention should be paid to preventing cold and dryness, and always focusing on moistening dryness and nourishing yin, protecting yang and nourishing kidney.

solar terms Health care

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Get enough sleep

“Huangdi Neijing·Suwen·Four Atmospheric Regulations” records: “In winter and March, this is called closed storage, where the water is ice and the ground is dry, without disturbing the sun. If the aspirations are hidden, if there are selfish intentions, if there are gains, the cold will be warmed, and the skin will not be vented, and the Qi will be seized. This is the answer to the winter qi, and the way to nourish and store. If it is against it, it will damage the kidneys. Weakness, few people are born.”

It means:The three months of winter are the season when everything is closed. In this season, the surface of the water freezes and the earth cracks, so people should not disturb the yang energy, go to bed early and wake up late, and must wait until the sun appears before getting up; make emotions like an army in ambush, like fish and birds hiding deep, Just like people have privacy, as if they have something to gain, etc.; they should also stay away from severe cold places and stay close to warm places, so as not to let the skin and skin start to sweat and cause a large loss of yang energy. This is the law of conforming to the winter air and maintaining the closed storage function of the human body. Violation of this rule will damage the kidney qi, and in spring it will also lead to flaccid limbs and cold back symptoms.

In addition, “Health-preserving News Theory” records: “When sleeping and lying down, it is advisable to take a short break, and add cotton clothes to the extreme cold, so as to gradually thicken and not eat too much.” too thick.

Do not exercise early in the morning to protect yourself from the cold

Before and after the beginning of winter, since the heat stored on the surface in summer has not been fully consumed, it is generally not too cold, and it can still be cold on sunny and windless days. Feel the warmth and comfort of the sun. However, the temperature in the morning and evening is often low, and it is necessary to increase the temperature appropriately according to the temperature change.Reduce clothing to avoid catching cold. Even healthy people should not wear vests and shorts to exercise outdoors. Elderly and infirm people are advised to wear hats, scarves, ankle stockings and other warm clothing when going out at night to prevent head, neck, shoulders and lower limbs from getting cold.

At the beginning of winter, the trend of yang disappearing and yin growing is more obvious, and the yin essence and yang qi of the human body are also in a state of restraint and internal nourishment. At this time, health preservation should follow the way of yin and yang, follow the trend of Qi movement, pay attention to morning exercise “must wait for the sun”, not too early, so as to facilitate the storage and nourishment of yang qi.

At the same time, the intensity of exercise should not be too high, in order to prevent excessive sweating, which will damage the body and consume gas. You can choose Taijiquan, Baduanjin, fan dance, jogging, brisk walking or walking and other easy and gentle exercises, and the degree of sweating is the degree, while equipment exercises that consume a lot of physical energy are not suitable.

In addition, it is recommended to carry a dry towel with you when exercising, and wipe off the sweat in time during the exercise, and do not stay in the cold wind wearing sweaty clothes. Since the drop in temperature will reflexively cause the blood vessels of the muscles and ligaments to constrict, which will limit the range of joint activities and muscle stretching, which will easily increase the risk of sports injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to preparatory activities before exercising.

Lidong tonic is very particular

In the season of Lidong, the northern region has entered the cold winter. People often have the custom of eating dumplings in Lidong to keep warm. In the south, before and after the beginning of winter, most parts of Guangdong still have a high and crisp autumn climate, but weak cold air comes from time to time, often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature. It is an important time for the human body to replenish deficiency and strengthen the body.

“Lidong nourishes the winter, nourishes the empty mouth”, in order to replenish vitality and resist the coming cold winter, there is also a custom of nourishing the beginning of winter in the southern region. Beef, mutton, chicken and other meat are more common in winter recipes due to their relatively high calorie content and good effect of keeping out the cold.

Food and nutrition in Lidong should follow the principles of “nourishing yin in autumn and winter” and “no disturbing yang”. Increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, it is not advisable to eat more.

The climate is dry nowadays, and people are prone to dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin and other yin symptoms. Jujubes, pomegranates, apples, oranges, persimmons and other seasonal fruits and vegetables can not only replenish the body’s water, but also regulate the function of the gastrointestinal tract and promote digestion.

What needs to be reminded is that Lidong tonic should also pay attention to the problem of eating dynamic balance, not just eating without moving. Appropriate exercise can promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion and absorption, improve blood circulation, smooth blood vessels, and more importantly, control weight and enhance physical fitness to meet the arrival of cold winter.

“Black” food nourishes kidney qi

When the autumn and winter seasons alternate, one should follow the trend of latent qi mechanism in nature, and pay attention to nourishing kidney qi to help Yang qi consolidate. As the saying goes, “Food is the most important thing for the people.” Diet is the foundation of health, and “medicine is not as good as food.” Diet therapy is relatively peaceful. If you can make good use of food according to the specific situation, it will not lose the efficacy of medication.

According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys of the human body are compatible with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, gold, and water, and are represented by five colors: blue, red, yellow, white, and black. . “Kidney governs winter”, so winter health care pays attention to nourishing the kidney, and “black enters the kidney”, so eating “black” is the supplement.

For example, black rice nourishes yin and kidney, strengthens spleen and liver; black beans nourishes liver and kidney, strengthens bones and muscles; black sesame nourishes liver and kidney, improves eyesight and black hair; Lungs, nourishing the stomach and nourishing the kidneys, etc., these black ingredients are all good products for nourishing the kidneys and nourishing deficiency at the turn of autumn and winter.

Although dark-colored foods such as kelp and seaweed are rich in nutritional value, they are cold in nature and mainly have the effects of clearing away heat, relieving heat, and removing dampness. Or eat it in early autumn.

“Ai” protects yang at the right time< /span>

In addition to food tonic, Lidong tonic, moxibustion is also a very good “tonic” means. “Bian Que Xin Shu” said: “People who often moxibustion when they are not sick can maintain a life span of more than a hundred years, even if they do not achieve longevity.”

Moxibustion is achieved by lighting Moxa cones or moxa sticks made from mugwort leaves are used to smoke and roast the acupuncture points of the human body to achieve a traditional therapy for health care and treatment. Because moxibustion can benefit Qi and Yang, make righteous Qi full and evil cannot be harmed, it can play a very good role in strengthening the body and eliminating evil, health care and disease prevention, and health and longevity. Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, and Yongquan on the lower limbs, Shenque, Qihai, and Guanyuan on the abdomen, and Dazhui, Mingmen, and Shenshu on the back are all commonly used for strengthening and health care.

Although moxibustion has many benefits, it is generally suitable for people who are afraid of wind and cold, have cold hands and feet, are thirsty and do not like to drink or like hot drinks, and have loose stools. It is not suitable for people with dry mouth and throat, repeated mouth sores and acne, hot flashes and night sweats, five upset fever, constipation, yellow and red urine, etc.

Moxibustion is easy to operate and is suitable for individuals to operate at home. The most commonly used moxibustion method is to light one end of a moxa stick, aim at the acupoint or affected area to be moxibustion, and smoke moxibustion about 2~3cm away from the skin. Generally, each part is moxibusted for 10 minutes. During the operation, an appropriate temperature should be maintained.

Because the skin sensation of diabetic patients tends to decrease, special attention should be paid to avoid burns when applying moxibustion. Moxibustion should be avoided as far as possible or appropriate moxibustion methods should be selected for some acupuncture points on the head and face or near important organs and large blood vessels, especially moxa cones should not be used for direct moxibustion.

In addition, pregnant women are forbidden to moxibustion in the abdomen. Moxibustion should be used with caution in those who are oversatiated, overworked, hungry, drunk, thirsty, frightened, fearful, or angry.

Sun in winter is better than drinking ginseng soup

< span>Basking in the sun in winter is better than drinking ginseng soup. In fact, the best way to invigorate the kidneys in Lidong is to bask in the sun. Sunshine can make the human body strengthen Yang Qi, make Qi and blood smooth, and get rid of Yin and cold, which is good for kidney deficiency.

However, the amount of exposure to the sun should also be moderate, and the time of exposure to the sun can be controlled within 30-60 minutes each time. The winter sun from 8 am to 10 am is the most gentle, which is a great time to supplement vitamin D for the body. The yang energy is the strongest between 11:00 and 12:00 in the afternoon, which can supplement the yang energy of the human body. You can choose your own convenient time to go out and bask in the sun.

Lidong acupoint health preservation

Kidney and winter qi communicate and respond, so Lidong acupoint health preservation is still based on the principle of “invigorating the kidney and absorbing qi”. The recommended health acupoints are Shenshu, Guanyuan and Yong spring cave.

Shenshu point

Location:At the waist, the second lumbar spinous process on the posterior midline Open 1.5 inches from the lower side.

Method: Sit on the edge of the bed with your legs together, rub your palms together until the palms are hot, and then gently stick them on the back and waist, Massage the Shenshu point on the back of the waist up and down (on the spine at the same level as the navel, two fingers wide on the left and right sides) until you feel heat.

Efficacy: Morning and evening, massage 200 times each time, Shenshu point is a good kidney-tonifying point , massage can strengthen the kidney and receive qi.

Guanyuan Point

Positioning: Guanyuan point is located in any part of the “sea of ​​yin veins” of the human body Vein, on the front midline, three inches directly below the navel.

Method:The ancients described Guanyuan as the place where men store essence and women store blood, which shows the importance of Guanyuan point. Every day, Guan Yuan can be used as the center of the circle, and the left or right palm can be rubbed counterclockwise and clockwise for 3 to 5 minutes. Then overlap the pulps of the index fingers of both hands and press the acupuncture points 20 times, preferably if there is a local feeling of soreness.

Efficacy: Regular massage can have the effect of replenishing vitality, strengthening the body and consolidating essence, dispelling cold and restoring yang.

Yongquan Point

Positioning: Yongquan point is located in front of the sole of the foot The first 1/3 of the line connecting the head of the toe seam and the heel, that is, the front depression of the sole when the toe is flexed.

Method: Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed, and massage the Yongquan point in the foot heart to feel soreness and swelling. The temperature of the foot bath water is about 40°C, and the best time is 19 to 21 o’clock, which is the time when the kidney meridian qi and blood are at their weakest.

Efficacy:The meridian of the kidney starts from the foot, and Yongquan acupoint in the center of the foot is its main acupoint. The heart of the foot can improve the blood circulation of the whole body and achieve the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney.

Therapeutic diet

< span>Chinese medicine believes that winter is the best time for people to tonic. The folks have long had the food custom of “replenishing winter in winter”. They believe that tonic can improve the immune function of the human body, help to resist the invasion of severe cold in cold winter, and lay a good foundation for the health of the coming year. Therefore, there is “winter tonic, The folk proverb of “fighting tigers in the coming year”.

1. Wuwu Black Hair Drink

Materials: Black beans 50g, black sesame 30g gram, 20 grams of black rice, 10 grams of crushed walnut kernels, 10 grams of pitted red dates, and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Preparation: < /strong>Put all the ingredients into a blender, add appropriate amount of water to make a thick slurry, then pour the thick slurry into the pot, use medium heat, stir while cooking until it boils, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and then Cook for 3 minutes.

Efficacy: Nourishing kidney and blood, black hair and beauty. It is suitable for people with insufficient kidney qi, dry and brittle hair, easy to fall off or premature hair growth.

2. Shouwu red dates and longan porridge

Materials: Polygonum multiflorum 30 grams, red dates 5 pieces , 15 grams of longan meat, 100 grams of white rice, and an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Preparation: < /strong>After washing all the above ingredients, remove the pits from the red dates and set aside; add appropriate amount of water to the pot, add Polygonum multiflorum, boil for 1 hour on medium heat, filter out the soup, and remove the medicinal residues. Pour the shouwu medicinal juice back into the pot, add the rest of the ingredients, add some water, bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to low heat and cook for about 45 minutes, stir as needed, and finally add rock sugar and cook for 5 minutes.

Efficacy:Replenishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, black beard and hair, nourishing appearance. It is suitable for people with deficiency of liver and kidney and deficiency of Qi and blood.

3. Tonifying kidney and strengthening waist soup

Materials: Morinda officinalis 20 grams, Eucommia 20 grams , 30 grams of rehmannia, 20 grams of wolfberry, 50 grams of Chinese yam, 500 grams of pork spine, and 5 red dates.

Preparation: < /strong>Wash the above ingredients, blanch the pork spine and put them into the pot together with other ingredients, add enough water, bring to a boil on high heat, turn to low heat and cook for about 2.5 hours, add salt to taste That’s it.

Efficacy:Replenishing the liver and kidney, strengthening the waist and bones. It is suitable for those who suffer from fatigue, deficiency of liver and kidney, and weak waist and legs.

4. Black chestnut chicken soup

< p data-track="131">Materials: 500g black-bone chicken, 200g chestnut, yam 50 grams, 5 red dates, 15 grams of wolfberry, 3 slices of ginger.

Preparation: < /strong>After the black-bone chicken is slaughtered, remove the hair, remove the internal organs, wash it, and cut it into large pieces; peel and peel the chestnut, wash the red dates and wolfberry, put them into the soup pot with other ingredients, and add enough After the water boils over high heat, simmer on low heat for about 2 hours, then add salt to taste.

Efficacy:Nourishing kidney and essence, invigorating spleen and nourishing blood. It is suitable for people with spleen and kidney deficiency and insufficient essence and blood.

5. Steamed Duck with Cordyceps

Materials: 5 ​​pieces of Cordyceps sinensis, 1 old male duck Meat, rice wine, ginger, scallion, and salt are appropriate.

How to:Remove the hair and viscera of the old duck, rinse it, put it in a water pot and boil until the water foams, remove it, split the head of the duck along the neck, put in Cordyceps sinensis, tie it with thread, put it Put it into a large bowl, add rice wine, ginger, scallion, salt, and water, then put the large bowl into a pot, and steam for about 2 hours.

Efficacy:The main ingredient is Cordyceps sinensis, which helps kidney yang and nourishes essence and blood; the old duck is used as a supplement to nourish yin and tonify deficiency. ■