Men can “persist” for a minute at most? 3 Ways To Ease Your “Male Concealment”

Most men in life have normal sexual ability and can perform well in the process of sexual life, and most of them persist for a few minutes. But some men can’t do this, they can only persist for one minute each time, and it’s over at the beginning. This kind of situation will make men feel inferior, gradually lose self-confidence, and can’t experience related fun in married life . It is necessary to understand the reasons behind this situation and improve it through good methods.

Men are facing the situation of decreased sexual function Most of them will be very anxious, because married life is a very important part. strong>The decline in the quality of life of couples is not conducive to the satisfaction of physiological needs, but also affects each other’s feelings, and will also cause trouble to family harmony and stability. Therefore, there is such a Men in this situation should find out the reasons behind it, but don’t just be anxious, there are some good ways that may help.

Is there any way to improve?

1. Eliminate negative emotions

Men persist in the married life for a very short time. If this happens, you should find out the reason according to your emotional changes. Some people have negative emotions for a long time before persisting for a shorter time. They are prone to nervousness, anxiety, and negative emotions, which will bring harm to the body. harm.

In addition to causing mental health problems, some People alsosleep quality declines, all kinds of adverse factors are bothering together, and sexual performance will deteriorate. If you can eliminate tension and anxiety, keep relaxed, and cooperate highly in the life of husband and wife, you will find that the situation of powerlessness has improved.

2. Strengthen physical exercise

If men canpersist in exercising, ensure a certain amount of exercise, and promote the whole body during the exercise Circulation, metabolism, while enhancing the function of multiple organs, will effectively alleviate the situation of premature ejaculation. Many men have been lack of exercise for a long time, endocrine can not maintain normal, and as they grow olderAging, decreased androgen production, so you can’t perform well.

However, through exercise, the blood circulation of the whole body is promoted, nutrients are provided to the reproductive organs, and there is exercise secretion Dopamine delights the body and mind, releases stress, and at the same time assists in regulating endocrine, which has a good regulating effect on this problem.

3. Treatment for diseases

< p data-track="11">Some men persist for a very short time, in fact, they have already appeareddisease, no In general, it is best to go to the men’s hospital for relevant examination, if it is related to some health problems, cooperate with the treatment as soon as possible, and promote health Restoration of normal sexual function.

Some men develop premature ejaculation due to mental illness, and some men have chronic diseases that accelerate to blood vessels, neuropathy, and subsequent penis become sensitive, making it impossible to persist in theLong time. No matter which disease is developing, it must be taken seriously.