Can eating peppers reduce the risk of high blood pressure? Pay attention to these two points when eating chili

For people with a spicy taste, if the food has no taste, it is only seasoned with ordinary soy sauce, salt, etc., it is difficult to attract the taste buds. In the Sichuan-Chongqing region of my country, most people cannot live without chili peppers. They find spicy food very enjoyable and can help remove moisture from the body, so they often eat chili peppers. Some people think that eating more peppers can prevent diseases and help lower blood pressure. Is it possible?

Eating peppers can help lower blood pressure, so there is a risk of high blood pressure It is suitable for people to eat more chili peppers. Of course, people who are not sick can also prevent it by eating chili peppers. There is no basis for this statement. Peppers are rich in capsaicin, the spicy substances inside will bring stimulation to the body span>, you can clearly feel this characteristic in the process of eating chili.

Eating too many peppers can causesympathetic nerves to become excited, you may blush and your heart beats faster , On the contrary, it has an effect on blood pressure Therefore, you don’t usually eat chili very much, don’t eat too much at one time, occasionally eating chili has no effect, but you can’t eat too much.

In addition, high blood pressure often occurs in older people, and middle-aged and elderly people should focus on prevention. If you fall into a misunderstanding and think that eating more peppers can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, eating more peppers every day will bring about other negative effects.

Chili is rich in spicy substances, which will give stomachBring stimulation, weak gastrointestinal function, excessive intake is not conducive to the health of the digestive system. In addition, many people are getting older and their intestinal peristalsis is slow, and it is difficult to defecate.Get angry after eating too much chili, it will aggravate constipation and even cause hemorrhoids . Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor to master the correct diet method to adjust.

How to eat chili?

1. Control the amount

Although chili can provide certain nutrients, it should not be overly relied on. Many people don’t know how to eat chili. In fact, any food should be restrained.Don’t eat too much at one time, otherwise it will cause The body hurts. Occasionally eating something spicy can achieve the effect of appetizer, and can also help remove the moisture in the body , but the choice of chili should be appropriate.

Some peppers are small, but rich in capsaicin, and you will feel very spicy after eating a little. Do not eat this type of pepper too much. In addition, don’t add chili to any food for seasoning, otherwise it will destroy the original taste of the food, and it is easy to get negative effects from excessive consumption.

2. Eating after the body adapts

Chili should be eaten according to the body’s adaptation. Some people understand the nutrient content of chili and think that getting more can promote health, because chili is rich in vitamins, which is helpful to enhance human immunity.

But consider your own situation, not everyone is suitable for eating chili, and Gastrointestinal diseases are developing , Inflammation of the throat, and oral ulcers, these conditions are not suitable to continue eating chili. It is the correct way to keep the light taste of the diet, and eat in moderation after the disease improves and recovers. Otherwise, the original disease will be aggravated due to inappropriate diet.