Blue veins appear on the fingers, or it may indicate that cerebral infarction is coming, take precautions and don’t ignore it

Cerebral infarction is a disease that is particularly prone to occur in modern life, and it appears very suddenly, which makes people caught off guard, especially in winter because the weather is very cold, so cerebral infarction occurs patients are also increasing.

Once you suffer from cerebral infarction, the impact and troubles will be relatively large, so can it be detected and prevented in advance?

The answer is yes. Before the onset of cerebral infarction, it will be refracted through the palm of the hand a long time ago. If the blue veins on this finger are obvious, you need to be vigilant, and the thicker the blue veins, the risk factor The bigger it is, let’s take a closer look at it together.

Which finger has blue veins that may indicate that a cerebral infarction is coming?

Because the five fingers correspond to different viscera and organs, the thumb corresponds to the lungs, the index finger corresponds to the intestines, the middle finger corresponds to the heart, the ring finger corresponds to the triple burner, and the little finger corresponds to the kidneys.

The middle finger corresponds to our heart. Once the blood flow in this place is not smooth, it is very likely that there is blood stasis, and the appearance of blue veins is often a manifestation of blood stasis;

The thicker the veins, the worse the blood flow ability, the more serious the blood stasis, and the greater the harm caused. Therefore, once the veins on the middle finger are too thick, it will imply that the blood vessels are severely blocked, and cerebral infarction is about to happen. It’s coming.

How to look at the middle finger, and which part of the middle finger? Generally, it is male left and female right, located at the bottom section of the middle finger, close to the palm of the hand.

When you are free, you can open your hands and carefully observe the condition of the fingers. If there are very obvious blue veins in this part, and there are a lot of them, you need to pay attention to whether there are cerebral blood vessels. hardening.

There is nothing wrong with thinner veins. If the veins are thicker, you need to pay attention. It may indicate that cerebral vascular sclerosis is very obvious.

Health is your own, so you should take good care of your body, so you should observe your middle finger more often. If the veins are thicker, it means that the chance of cerebral infarction is higher. In this way, problems can be detected in advance, and prevention and maintenance can be done in advance, thereby greatly reducing the probability of cerebral infarction.