[Forge ahead on a new journey and create new great achievements] Qin An: The integration of “culture, agriculture and tourism” empowers rural revitalization

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China outlined a grand blueprint for comprehensively advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese-style modernization, among which is adhering to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, continuing to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country important part. In recent years, based on its resource endowment, Qin’an County has given full play to its historical and cultural advantages, implemented the integration project of culture, tourism, agriculture and tourism, continuously improved the construction of tourism infrastructure, promoted rural tourism, supported the development of characteristic tourism products, and made every effort to build a leisure agricultural tourism development brand. A new way of characteristic, high-quality, and differentiated development. While highlighting the “rusticism” of the countryside, utilizing the “old-fashionedness” of the countryside, rejuvenating the “vigorousness” of farmers, and integrating into the “vigorousness” of the times, a large number of “cultural, agricultural and tourism” integration Special products burst out with new vitality and have become a new engine for rural revitalization.

Clean and tidy streets, exquisite and unique dwellings, the magnificent Nuwa Temple, as well as antique pavilions, fences, bridges, stone tables, stone benches and landscape stones… Fengwei Village is located in the east of Longcheng Town. It is an important part of “China’s famous historical and cultural town—Longcheng Town”. It is the birthplace of the legendary human ancestor Nuwa. There are historical and cultural landscapes in the village, such as Nuwa Temple, Nuwa Cave, Fenggou, and the ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms Street Pavilion. , rich in tourism resources.

“Under the guidance of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Fengwei Village firmly grasps the new development opportunity, from the infrastructure construction and the environment Starting with sanitation improvement, the water pipe network will be transformed, and the roads entering the village will be hardened and greened, so that villagers can enjoy the same convenient life as in towns. On this basis, modern living facilities such as wireless networks will be added to create a city that can see mountains and rivers, and has The beautiful rural demonstration area with civilized service functions in towns and villages will continue to play a good role in the integration of agriculture and tourism, guide the masses to take the road of common prosperity, and strive to paint a new picture of the great changes in the mountains and villages!” The village branch secretary of Fengwei Village, Longcheng Town told reporters.

In recent years, with the strong support of the Qin’an County Party Committee and the County Government, Fengwei Village, Longcheng Town has increased the protection, repair, transformation and upgrading of historical and cultural relics, and completed the Longquan Official Well Repair Project, Nuwa Reconstruction and expansion of the sacrificial square, upgrading and renovation of the entrance of the Nuwa Temple; relying on the Nuwa culture and the ruins of the ancient battlefield of Jieting, to create a style line along the Fenggoukou to the Nuwa Temple cave; The gourmet food street mainly connects the high-quality tourist routes including Nuwa Temple, Ming and Qing Street, Fenggou Scenic Area, Nuwa Cave and Jieting Ancient Battlefield Site, forming a collection of eco-tourism and sightseeing, seeking roots and worshiping ancestors. A new type of eco-tourism civilized village integrating activities and beautiful countryside construction.

“The change is not only ‘hardware’, but ‘software’ has also been greatly improved.” The “software” in the mouth of villager Zhao Yaolin is people’s mental outlook. He told reporters that with the improvement of the appearance of the village, the spiritual outlook of the villagers has also changed a lot. There are fewer people playing cards and more people going to farmhouses; there are fewer idlers and more hard workers. Over the past few decades, the roads in Fengwei Village have been hardened, gardens have been greened, residences have been optimized, the environment has been beautified, and street lights have been brightened, all of which have enabled farmers to live a happy life just like the people in the city.

Today, the village has initially formed a wealth chain of tourism and leisure experience industry of “eating rice from Wa Township, living in a farmhouse, and taking the ecological road”. Fengwei Village has also been rated as “Gansu Province Rural Tourism Demonstration Village”, the overall appearance of the village has been greatly improved, the quality of life of the villagers is improving day by day, and the goal of taking the road of common prosperity is getting closer…


Cyclone slide , bouncy castle, net red swing… Anfu Water Park is located in the party-mass service center of Anfu Village, Anfu Town. It is a pastoral complex demonstration site integrating leisure, entertainment, sightseeing and experience.

Tian Yajun, head of comprehensive administrative law enforcement of Anfu Town, said: “The construction of the park is an important measure for Anfu Town to comprehensively promote rural revitalization. Implementing the important practice of the county party committee’s “integration of culture and tourism” development idea is an important starting point for developing and strengthening the village’s collective economy.”

An Fushuishang The park project covers an area of ​​35 acres, with a construction area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, including more than a dozen water recreation projects such as water clearance, net red bridge, water rafting, shouting springs, and cruise ships. Fitness trails, open-air barbecue camps, and beer squares have been built as supporting facilities. , fishing ponds, etc., can radiate tourists from nearby cities and counties such as Tianshui City, Tongwei, Zhuanglang, Jingning, Zhangjiachuan, etc., providing the masses with a good place for leisure and entertainment, cooling off, and online celebrity check-in.

Based on its own reality, Anfu Town has changed its thinking, deeply excavated and utilized characteristic resources such as natural ecology, rural industries, historical culture, etc., actively carried out rationalization and transformation, and vigorously developed characteristic rural tourism. In today’s Anfu Town, the village has taken on a completely new look, the momentum of rural revitalization is strong, and a new look is everywhere. The village-level collective economy is striding forward along the course of high-quality development, and the new era of integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism is slowly unfolding.

Built in 2014, the Kangpo Village Rural Memory Museum is the earliest village history museum and rural museum in Qin’an County. In particular, most of the returnees will take a walk and swim. The museum is divided into five parts: Ancient City Bingge, Ancient City Heroes, Ancient City Brilliance, Ancient City Evolution, and Ancient City Dream Realization, respectively showing the imprints of the past and the evolution of reality in the ancient city of Kangpo. The real objects in the museum are the production tools, special products, entertainment equipment, living utensils and war relics of the masses. The opening of the “Memory Hall” attracts tourists, truly “living” cultural relics and “moving” culture, allowing people to remember history, not forget the past, and inspire the future.

“As soon as I have free time, I will take my grandson to the memory hall to have a look, and when I walk to the old objects, I can’t help but reach out Touch it, recall the past life, and feel the changes of the times.” An old man looked at the old objects of the old life and was very excited.

The columbine, rake, plow, kerosene lamp, stone mill and other old objects with rural characteristics and local flavor displayed in the “Rural Memory Museum” , Antiques, reflecting the field wisdom of the ancestors, witnessing the profound farming civilization, and reflecting the great contributions made by the villagers to the development of modern agriculture.

Rich cultural elements, inheriting the memory of the times, the “memory hall” not only dresses up the modern living environment, but also produces social benefits, making “Rural memory” has new connotations under the new time and space conditions, generates new cohesion, lays a solid foundation for enriching rural tourism, and brings new economic growth points for rural revitalization.

The civilized rural wind is blowing, and the beautiful countryside is painted. Laoshan Village, Qianhu Town regards the construction of beautiful village dwellings as an important carrier to promote rural revitalization and retain nostalgia. On the basis of adhering to the principle of “not digging a tree, not destroying a spring”, based on the traditional cultural characteristics of the village, it pays attention to protecting the rural style And the nostalgia of the rural accent ensures the beautiful natural environment, rich ecological resources and original ecology of the village houses in the village.

Zhang Fengkui, Secretary of the Laoshan Village Branch of Qianhu Town, said: “Integrating our local culture into the construction of a beautiful village has built a cultural theme street, The Xiangxian Hall, Memory Hall, Children’s Paradise, and Happiness Channel have beautified the appearance of our village and enhanced our sense of happiness and gain.”

The Xingshuwan Agricultural Special Tourism Park Project in Qianhu Town is a key task for rural revitalization in 2022 determined by the Qin’an County Party Committee and the county government. 14 kilometers, with a total area of ​​2,100 mu. The area is planned to be interplanted with agricultural characteristic medicinal flowers, mainly including July chrysanthemum and Beijing chrysanthemum, and supporting construction of tourist service center, children’s playground, colorful sightseeing road, high pool, star room, small Wooden houses, etc., and lay irrigation pipes, trails, fences and other auxiliary facilities for the development of the agricultural industry, and build a comprehensive rural demonstration park integrating agriculture with special facilities, agricultural product processing and trading, agricultural sightseeing, leisure and health care, and finally achieve group development, appreciation and economy. Both benefits are correct.

While promoting the development of local farmers, the park relies on flower resources to build a viewing platform and pastoral sightseeing in the plantation park Trails, etc., develop characteristic farmhouses and alpine homestays, make up for shortcomings in infrastructure, enhance the service capabilities of rural tourism, promote the transformation of rural houses into homestays and products into commodities, achieve both ornamental and economic benefits, and inject new vitality into rural tourism 。

Beautiful villages give birth to a “beautiful economy”. Qianhu Town regards the development of rural tourism industry as a way to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively link up with rural revitalization Important measures to actively explore new ways of integration of culture, tourism, health care and green development, integrate the development of ecological agriculture and leisure agriculture into the construction of beautiful countryside, and gradually change from “beauty of one place” to “beauty of the whole region”.

Qin’an County digs and utilizes the natural Ecology, rural industry, history and culture and other characteristic resources, take the promotion of the deep integration of “agriculture + tourism” as a breakthrough to promote the development of rural industries, actively carry out rationalization and transformation, vigorously develop new forms of characteristic rural tourism, and gradually form a “combination of agriculture and tourism, with The development pattern of promoting tourism through agriculture and promoting agriculture through tourism has realized the full utilization of resources and activated a pool of spring water for rural revitalization.

(Editor: Lu Shujuan Editor in charge: Li Xiaobing Editor: Wang Xiaotao)