8-year-old boy Wang Yuming received a letter of appointment

Not long ago, in Yongzhou, Hunan

A 2-year-old boy was playing

Stuck between two residential buildings

At a critical moment, an 8-year-old boy Wang Yuming stepped forward and cooperated with rescuers to successfully rescue the boy


Recently, the local fire department

specially for the 8-year-old boy

A letter of appointment as a “Fire Volunteer” was sent

The boy accidentally got stuck in a narrow wall

Neighbor The boy came to the rescue

November 13

A 2-year-old boy from Dao County, Yongzhou walked in

Playing in a narrow wall gap

Unexpectedly fell halfway

Stuck in the crack of the wall and unable to move

The child was so frightened that he cried and cried. After receiving the alarm, the rescuers rushed to the scene. After many attempts to rescue, all failed due to the narrow space


Rescuers make plans quickly


Under the premise of ensuring safety

Plan to adopt “children’s The way to save the child”

“We want to choose an older


Go in and bring out the trapped child

At this time, there is a crowd

Little boy says he can help! ”

Rescuers learned

This A boy named Wang Yuming, 8 years old this year

After communicating with the parents of the child

firefighters from the roof of the residential building Put down the rope, Wang Yuming took off his coat, and walked sideways into the seam of the wall. Under the guidance of the rescuers, he carefully tied the rope to the trapped boy. During the rescue, Wang Yuming protected the trapped boy’s head, constantly adjusted his body state, and slowly pulled it away. The boy walks out of the gap in the wall

After nearly 30 minutes of rescue

All successfully rescued the trapped boy

Due to timely rescue

The child is not in serious condition

“People must have a kind heart”

Xiao Yuming received a letter of appointment from a firefighter

Wang Yuming is in the third grade of elementary school

He told the headquarter reporter

The teacher often educates everyone

“One must always have a kind heart”

In order to save the boy

Xiao Yuming bravely walked into the narrowNarrow wall gap

“In fact, the wall gap is very narrow

I was a little scared at the time

But the firefighter uncle kept encouraging me

I have the courage and confidence

Definitely I was able to save my little brother

I was worried about hurting him

so I subconsciously covered his head with my hands”


Yongzhou Fire Rescue Detachment The staff

made a special trip to Wang Yuming’s home

hired him as a “firefighter volunteer”

Also invited him to visit the fire brigade

This is a bit shy The little boy

spoke his dream

“When he grows up, he will defend the country”

Netizens also praised Wang Yuming

“He is really brave when he is in danger.”

“During the rescue, he has been carefully guarding the brother next door

, awesome! ”

Fire Department Reminder

Dangerous places such as building wall seams

Visible and eye-catching warning signs should be set up

Parents should also improve safety Awareness

Keep children out of the area

Avoid accidents

Source: CCTV News