For people traveling in Pingtan, Fujian today, this ticket is really worth it

Wenjianghu Xiaowu

“Today people traveling in Pingtan, Fujian, this ticket is really worth it!”

Due to well-known reasons, Pingtan suddenly rushed at an unstoppable speed. On the hot search, many people know for the first time this island county at the forefront of the strait.

The scene of long-range live ammunition shot by tourists, against the blue sky The long white smoke that pulled out was shocking.

Some people even said, “Today, netizens in Pingtan went to the live broadcast. It was a real feast for the eyes.”

So, what kind of place is Pingtan? Woolen cloth?

As an island county under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, it faces Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait. management system.

Data shows that Pingtan consists of 126 islands, 648 named rocks, with a land area of ​​372.92 square kilometers and a sea area of ​​6,064 square kilometers. The largest island.

Pingtan is surrounded by blue seas, commonly known as Haishan. Junshan is the highest peak on the island. Because the top of the mountain is often filled with a haze, it is also called East Lanshan, so Pingtan is called Lan for short. There is a huge rock on the South Street of Tancheng Town in the middle of the main island, Haitan Island.

After the training started, some netizens took pictures in Pingtan The scene of the helicopter formation flying across the sky, because the flight altitude is very low, can be seen very clearly with the naked eye, which makes the tourists who travel here feel addicted.

Today’s Pingtan, in addition to local people and tourists who witnessed this scene, also included reporters from many international media. AFP said in a report released that their reporters were in Pingtan, Fujian. Several small ballistic weapons were seen firing into the sky, followed by white smoke and a loud roar.

The reason why Pingtan has become the focus of the outside world is because it is the narrowest point of the Taiwan Strait, and the closest point to Nanliao, Hsinchu, Taiwan, is only 68 nautical miles, roughly equivalent to 126 kilometers, with a north-south length of about 68 nautical miles. The average width of the 370-kilometer strait is 180 kilometers. The widest point is Eluanbi in Pingtung County and the Aojiao of Dongshan Island in Fujian Province, with a straight-line distance of 410 kilometers.

Take the new cross-strait shipping route between Pingtan and Taichung Port opened in 2011 as an example. The distance between the two ports is 88 nautical miles and the voyage is about three hours. The route between Taipei Port and Pingtan is about 92 nautical miles and the flight time is 3 hours. It can be said that most of the main cross-strait maritime traffic between the two sides of the strait is sent from Pingtan Island.

Because of this, when cross-strait relations are tense, Pingtan has Do your part to be the front line of the Strait. Of course, Pingtan is also an important platform for Fujian-Taiwan cooperation, so that the planned Beijing-Taiwan Expressway is also planned to cross the sea on the platform.

Although the platform is close to Taiwan, it is not the closest place to Taiwan, Penghu and Jinma, which is under the control of the other side of the Taiwan Strait. The closest distance is from Xiamen to Kinmen. The two places are 10 kilometers apart. Only 6000 meters.

The Xiamen-Jinmen Sea-Crossing Bridge is planned to realize the cross-strait land connection between Xiamen and Kinmen, which is full of expectations.

At the beginning of this year, as the province closest to Taiwan from the mainland, and also a pilot area for cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, Fujian once said that in 2021, Fujian and Taiwan will continue to expand the path of integration, and Fujian has supplied more than 1,700 water to Kinmen. 10,000 tons, “the Fujian side project of the project of connecting electricity with Jinma started construction”.

It is thanks to Fujian’s water supply that Kinmen can save more local freshwater resources to brew specialty sorghum wine, benefiting drinkers on both sides of the strait.

In addition to Kinmen sorghum wine, it is said that Kinmen also has a special product, that is kitchen knives.