The older generation seldom get sick from eating pickles, but now that medical technology is advanced, it is said that eating pickles causes cancer?

Nowadays, our diet structure is becoming more and more abundant, and there are more and more types of food on the table, which can not only satisfy people’s appetite, but also make the body Get more comprehensive nutrients.

Although the dietary conditions have been improved, many people still like to eat pickled pickles. To the effect of serving meals, it can also satisfy people’s appetite.

often Eating pickled pickles may cause harm to the body

  • damage to the cardiovascular system

The salt content in pickled pickles is relatively high, and the sodium element in table salt will cause blood vessels to damage themselves after entering the body It leads to the loss of elasticity of the blood vessels at the edge of the blood vessels. Therefore, eating pickled pickles often can easily increase the burden on the cardiovascular system and affect the normal function of the cardiovascular system.

  • Kidney damage

In addition to damaging blood vessels, the sodium element in table salt may also cause a certain burden on the kidneys, resulting in damage to kidney health. Therefore, for those whose kidney function is not very good, I hope you eat as little or no pickled pickles as possible, so as not to further increase the burden on the kidneys.

  • Damage to the liver

Seeing is very important in our body The detoxification and detoxification organ of the detoxification organ. If there is a problem with the liver function, the harmful substances in the body cannot be excreted smoothly, and the normal function will be affected in the long run. The leaves will produce nitrite during the fermentation process. This substance It can damage the liver and even increase the risk of cancer.

  • Causes malnutrition< /li>

Although pickled pickles can serve as a meal, the nutrients in them are not as high as expected, so these things often appear If you eat too much food, it may lead to too little intake of other foods, resulting in malnutrition and nutritional imbalance, and it will also affect the normal functions of the human body.

See some people here I feel that people of the older generation often eat pickles, they can hardly eat other foods, and their bodies are very healthy. Why is it so harmful to eat pickles now? In fact, it is mainly related to the following factors.

The older generation rarely gets sick when they eat pickles. Pickles cause cancer?

Different consumption:

Although people of the older generation often eat pickles, they do not eat a lot of pickles, because at that time there was a bowl of pickles, and almost every household had 3 to 5 children. Sometimes parents often give these few pickles to their children, and everyone doesn’t eat much.

Nowadays, our quality of life has obviously improved, and those who like to eat pickles have to eat them every time A lot, so it will inevitably lead to excessive salt intake.

The production method is different:

The way of making pickles in the past is quite different from the way of pickles now. In the past, people would put all kinds of vegetables in special containers to pickle by themselves. Relatively speaking, this kind of pickles is much safer.

Since people think it is very troublesome to pickle pickles, they are more willing to go to the supermarket to buy, because the pickles in the supermarket The price is not as expensive as imagined, and it can save a lot of trouble, but the pickles in the supermarket will add various flavorings, additives, preservatives and other ingredients, so this kind of pickles will inevitably harm the body.

Life Different ways:

Although people used to eat pickles, but at that time people often With heavy physical labor, such as heavy ground, the usual amount of activity is relatively large. After the salt in the pickles enters the body, it can also be smoothly metabolized and excreted.

Few people participate in heavy physical labor nowadays, especially some young people tend to engage in lighter jobs In this way, frequent consumption of pickles will inevitably lead to the accumulation of sodium and other additives in the body, making it difficult to metabolize and excrete smoothly.

Who is not suitable for eating pickles?

【Patients with cardiovascular disease】

Before we mentioned that regular consumption of pickles will cause certain damage to the cardiovascular system. For those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, I hope you eat less or no pickles. If you eat it frequently, it may lead to the further development of related symptoms, and even continue to worsen, the consequences are more dangerous.

【Old people and children】< /p>

Generally, the people who like to eat pickles are the old people, but whether they are old people or children, they often eat pickles. If it is not beneficial, the sodium element in it will lead to the loss of calcium, which will cause osteoporosis for the elderly, and it will also affect the development of bones for children.

【Pregnant women】

Pregnant women are a special group of people. Special attention should also be paid to diet. Pregnant women should not eat pickles. If they often eat pickles, the accumulation of salt in the body may stimulate the uterus, cause uterine contraction, and even cause miscarriage. Case.

【People with heavy taste】< /p>

Some people have a strong taste and will unconsciously add too much salt when cooking, but this kind of people also like to eat pickles very much. Often eat salty food,It will lead to excessive intake of salt, which will cause harm to the body. If such people eat pickles frequently, the harm to the body may be greater. Please eat less.