Find the life you want! “Changshan Manju” brings you a unique landscape homestay~

In the hot summer, many homestays in Changshan County have also entered a hot holiday mode. Tourists are either staying on vacation, or partying and playing, and they are very satisfied with the environment and facilities of the homestay. The “Changshan Manju” homestay brand has been launched again.

“This is your room card, please keep it.” On the morning of August 8, tourists at Jiyi B&B received In the room, guests with suitcases crowded the front desk and proceeded to check in one by one. Ji Xueying, the owner of the homestay, said that scenes like this are “played” almost every day this summer. Many people bring their children and friends to stay and party. The homestay receives about 150 guests a day.

“I have heard that this homestay has beautiful scenery and high-quality accommodation, so I will play with my friends during the holiday. That’s it.” Tourist Zhu Jiayue said while eating breakfast. Jiyi B&B is located in Shiwuli Village, Jinchuan Street, Changshan County. It is one of the “Changshan Manju” boutique B&Bs. Since its opening in 2020, Jiyi B&B has created a “Shanshui Manor” that integrates food, accommodation and travel with the purpose of serving guests with peace of mind, comfortable stay, and fun. Here, not only can you eat the green ingredients grown on the homestay farm, but you can also enjoy fishing in the lake, barbecue and viewing the scenery.

“Affected by the epidemic this year, the number of tourists from outside the province such as Hangzhou and Shanghai decreased, but tourists from the city However, it has increased significantly, and the overall revenue of homestays has not declined but increased.” Ji Xueying said that in the next step, homestays will build self-service kitchens, camping areas, activity areas and other supporting facilities to further enhance the tourist experience.

Existing homestays are constantly being upgraded, and new homestays are coming soon. In Daxiyan Village, Zhaoxian Town, the Wanjintan Resort and B&B complex project with a total construction area of ​​9,000 square meters has begun to show its appearance. “Our project will start construction in March 2021. At present, the main body of the project has been completed and is preparing for acceptance.” Fang Xiujun, the person in charge of Wanjintan Holiday Homestay, introduced that the project is one of the key homestays in the county, with a total investment of 30 million yuan. In the next step, the project will undergo interior decoration, and it is expected to be open for business on New Year’s Day. At that time, it will provide various services such as accommodation, banquets, conferences, and sales of special agricultural products.

In recent years, relying on high-quality ecological resources and unique cultural endowments, Changshan has vigorously developed the boutique homestay industry , continue to launch the “Changshan Manju” brand, so far, it has successfully established one of the first class-A homestays in the country, 12 provincial-level homestays, 30 “Changshanmanju” boutique homestays and 2 homestay villages.

“This summer, the turnover of boutique homestays in Changshan County has increased by about 10%. Rough statistics The total turnover of the 30 boutique homestays is about 4.5 million.” Yang Jianping, secretary general of the Changshan County Homestay Association, said that such achievements are inseparable from the “refinement of internal skills” of the homestays, and the continuous development of camping, planting and other content to attract tourists from the surrounding area. Next, the association will cooperate with the County Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Tourism and Sports to further strengthen the link between homestays and cultural tourism. According to the different locations and characteristics of each homestay, it will sort out the research and tourism routes to promote the common development of the homestay industry and tourism.

(Reporter by Blue Media Alliance Changshan Media Group: Li Xinning)