“Two-wheel” drive, seamless “take over” of domestic large cruise ships in batches

my country’s cruise construction industry ushered in a milestone moment of “two-wheel drive”. When the construction of the first domestic large-scale cruise ship entered the sprint stage, the second domestic large-scale cruise ship also started construction in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. of China Shipbuilding Corporation yesterday, indicating that my country has initially mastered the key core technologies for the design and construction of large cruise ships. As a result, it has confidently taken a key step in the batch and serial construction of large cruise ships.

The “more beautiful pearl” on the “crown” of the shipbuilding industry

Like aircraft carriers and large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, large cruise ships are also known as It is the “jewel in the crown” of the shipbuilding industry and can best represent the comprehensive level of a country’s high-end equipment industry. For my country’s shipbuilding industry, this is also the last “Pearl” that has not yet been picked. In November 2018, the construction contract for my country’s first domestically-made large cruise ship was officially signed. Fully promoting the design and construction of large-scale cruise ships is a landmark project for the transformation and upgrading of my country’s shipbuilding industry and striving for global influence.

The second domestic large cruise ship started yesterday, with a total tonnage of about 142,000 tons, a total length of 341 meters, a width of 37.2 meters, a design draft of 8.17 meters, and a maximum speed of 22.7 knots. The ship has a superstructure of up to 16 floors. In addition to 2,144 guest rooms, it also has a large performing arts center, large restaurants, specialty restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping plazas, art corridors, children’s centers, water parks and other rich leisure and entertainment The facilities can meet the diverse and personalized living and entertainment needs of passengers.

In order to meet market demand and match industry standards, the second domestic large cruise ship has a series of new optimizations compared to the first ship, including a total length of 14.4 meters, a total tonnage of 6,700 tons, and a guest room. The number increased by 19. In order to achieve better environmental protection standards, the ship added 2 sets of desulfurization towers and selective catalytic reduction systems, and the shape of the chimney on the top of the cruise ship was also changed from “ball head” to “big back head”. It can be said that the ship will be more comfortable, greener and safer in the future.

Corresponding to the increase in construction requirements, the second domestic large cruise ship project is advancing much faster – compared with the first ship, its design and construction period has been compressed by 6 months, reflecting my country’s The improvement of the strength and confidence of the shipbuilding industry.

The “answer sheet” of the first ship becomes the “blueprint” for new cruise ships

If the first large cruise ship made in China is a challenge that the Chinese shipbuilding industry must respond to, then After several years of experience, the “answer sheet” of the first ship has become the “blueprint” for the second domestic large cruise ship. From tackling key problems and breaking through some key technologies of cruise ships, to starting the “two-wheel” construction and “two-wheel” drive mode, all the accumulations in the past have now turned into capabilities and wealth, helping the second domestic large cruise ship to sail smoothly. “.

In the first domestic large-scale cruise ship project, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has successively formed a series of innovative achievements in design, construction and project management through introduction and digestion and independent innovation. For example, in the process of R&D and manufacturing, combined with the characteristics of large cruise ships, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has transformed the traditional process, highlighted the digital features, and created a new generation of shipbuilding management platform and thin plate production intelligent workshop, which greatly improved the construction efficiency and precision level. In terms of management, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has also made active explorations, especially improving the open and innovative ecology of cruise ship construction. So far, the first large-scale domestic cruise ship has attracted more than 500 global suppliers, and has established cooperation with 54 service providers from the United States and Italy in the interior decoration of the cruise ship. It is worth mentioning that during the construction process, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding cooperated with a world-leading engineering software company to jointly develop a new 3D design software, which was successfully applied to the whole ship, which is also the first case in the global shipbuilding industry.

At present, about 40% of the detailed design of the second domestic large cruise ship has been completed, and the balance of production design models and the issuance of structural production design drawings have been fully started; Continuously strengthen preparations in innovation, equipment debugging, and talent team building. By next year, when the first large cruise ship is out of the dock, the second cruise ship is expected to “seamlessly” enter the dock for loading. At that time, China’s large-scale cruise ship manufacturing will usher in an important “take over” and sprint.

Author: Zhang Yi

Editor: Fan Jing

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