Today, the first batch of patients left Pazhou Yixian Fangcang Hospital

“Today is the day you overcome the virus and leave the cabin. After leaving the cabin, please strengthen your exercise and nutrition. There are two things that must be done…! “At 9:30 a.m. on November 24th, at the Yixian Fangcang Hospital located in Hall 2 of Pazhou Poly World Trade Center, Professor Lin Daowei, the temporary secretary of the first party branch of the medical team supporting the Fangcang Hospital from the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, was facing the hospital who was about to be discharged. 66 patients made pre-hospital advice.

Professor Lin Daowei made pre-hospital advice for patients

November 17 In the early morning of the 1st, Yixian Square Cabin Hospital officially accepted patients, completed the admission of all 2,500 beds within 24 hours of opening the cabin, and transferred to routine medical treatment. As of November 24, a total of 2,542 people have been admitted to Yixian Fangcai Hospital.

As the first batch of discharged patients, Brother Liu (pseudonym), who is also a volunteer of Yixian Fangcang Hospital, said that he stayed in the Fangcai on the 17th Before, he had been quarantined at home for more than 20 days in the local area, and felt that being in the big family of the shelter was “much better than being at home alone.” “The medical staff here are very attentive, and they patiently answered all of our questions in detail.” Hearing that the shelter hospital was recruiting volunteers, he immediately signed up to help maintain the order of nucleic acid preparation, distribute lunch boxes, clean up garbage, and so on. “Just do what you can, help each other, and hope everyone can go home early.” It is reported that due to his outstanding volunteer service performance, he was also awarded a volunteer certificate of honor by the hospital before he was discharged.

“I feel pretty good in the cabin these days, the doctors and nurses are all pretty good, and it’s really hard work, I hope they We are all fine, and so are we! My wish is to go home as soon as possible!” Brother Zhou (pseudonym), the first batch of discharged patients, said excitedly.

Our reporter, Microlab, our correspondents, Lin Weiyin, Liu Wenqin, Ai Liang