A 34-year-old man was diagnosed with liver failure. The doctor regretted that this fruit may be the “culprit” and should be thrown away as soon as possible


【Case Analysis】

Mr. Song, 34 years old, has been feeling a loss of appetite recently, and his body is getting thinner and sallow. People around him are advising Mr. Song to go to the hospital for examination, but Mr. Song thinks it is because of improper diet Caused by it, I didn’t take it to heart at all.

After a period of time, Mr. Song suddenly found that his bleeding gums became more severe and he often felt nauseated And other phenomena, the quality of sleep at night is seriously reduced, making the whole person feel several years old.

In desperation, Mr. Song went to the hospital for relevant examinations. When the doctor saw Mr. Song, It felt like a sick condition, but the doctor didn’t say much, but prescribed relevant inspection items.

After the test results came out, it showed that the liver area was abnormal, and the alpha-fetoprotein was as high as 420ug/L, so it was diagnosed as liver cancer. When the wife heard the news, she felt that she had made a mistake.

Because Mr. Song does not usually smoke , I don’t have any bad habits when I drink some alcohol occasionally, so why did I suddenly find out about liver failure? After listening to Mr. Song’s narration, the doctor also felt very surprised, so he understood his daily habits.

Mr. Say life is very tight. In order to give their children a good life, Mr. Song and his wife are very frugal. They basically buy stale food for cooking, and they are reluctant to throw away the overnight meals at home.

Mr. Song’s wife prefers to eat fruit. Every time Mr. Song buys fruit, he will buy fresh fruit for his wife , but I will buy some fruits for activities, most of which are rotten.

Mr. Song is always Cut off the rotten part, and eat the rest as usual. I didn’t feel any discomfort, but felt that I was a kind of frugal virtue.

After Mr. Song described his living habits, the doctor also felt very sorry because of the rotten food The human body has already been infected with mycotoxins, especially aflatoxin, which is a very strong harmful substance.

If you ingest food containing aflatoxin all the year round, it will inevitably bring adverse effects. Aflatoxin exists in moldy food, and its toxicity is 68 times that of arsenic. Ingesting even one milligram may cause damage to the body, and may also cause abnormal liver function.

Although In everyone’s eyes, the bad part of the rotten food is cut off, and the rest looks intact, so you can eat it with confidence, but the place invisible to the naked eye has already been infected by mold, which promotes the metabolism of the body.The result was unimaginable.

Many people may think that throwing away rotten food is not a good habit, but eating it into the body is Take health as an experiment, I hope you can pay attention to it, and throw away any rotten food.


In life, what other foods can damage the liver?

1. High-fat food

The liver is the hub of fat transport. Part of the fat after digestion and absorption enters the liver, and then is converted into body fat and stored. During starvation, stored body fat is first transported to the liver, where it is then broken down. Eating too much high-fat and greasy food can easily lead to fat metabolism disorder, causing fat to accumulate in the liver to form fatty liver.

In addition to eating less pork belly, fat beef, fat sheep and other foods, when eating out, try not to order fried, Fried, crispy, dry pot, boiled and other dishes, choose steamed, boiled, stewed, cold salad. Processed meat products such as ham sausage, bacon, and bacon are also high in fat, so eat as little as possible.

2 , Alcohol

After alcohol enters the human body, only 10% is excreted from the gastrointestinal tract, and 90% is excreted in the metabolized in the liver. The main component of alcohol is ethanol, which is oxidized into acetaldehyde after entering the liver cells. Both ethanol and acetaldehyde have the toxicity of directly stimulating and damaging liver cells, and can cause fatty degeneration or even necrosis of liver cells.

Therefore, long-term heavy drinking can lead to alcoholic liver disease. In my country, alcohol has become the second leading cause of liver damage after hepatitis virus. If alcohol and hepatitis virus co-exist, the two factors will synergistically accelerate the onset and progression of liver injury.

3. Half-baked

Studies have found that drunk shrimp, oysters and undercooked shellfish often contain bacteria Parasites such as liver fluke and liver fluke can easily cause acute gastroenteritis and dysentery, which may lead to the deterioration of liver disease and even induce hepatic coma. Parasites in food are difficult to identify with the naked eye. The easiest way is to cook the food thoroughly and eat it.


What are the seven signs of liver disease?

1. Limb weakness:Early symptoms may not be obvious, mainly caused by fatty liver or viral infection, each person’s physique is different, the symptoms will also be different, there may be weakness in the limbs, and the body will changeFeeling more tired.

2. Loss of appetite: Loss of appetite belongs to The typical symptoms of liver disease are very likely to appear a piece of greasy food, you can choose fresh vegetables as the main one, which can properly improve the body’s immunity.

3 2. Yellow skin: It is mainly caused by jaundice, which mainly occurs in the skin and eyeballs with obvious yellow, and it may also be caused by jaundice hepatitis.

4. Yellow urine: Virus in A large amount of bilirubin is replicated in the body, and the bilirubin in the body will increase significantly. After being excreted by the body’s metabolism, it may cause obvious changes in the color of urine.

5 , Nausea: Nausea and vomiting may occur during eating, mainly due to the influence of personal physique.

7. Pain in the liver area: hepatitis attack Blood circulation disorder may occur during the process, causing hepatic veno-occlusion syndrome, especially pain in the upper left abdomen.


Is there a cure for liver failure?

Liver failure is potentially curable. The disease progresses rapidly in patients with liver failure, the treatment is difficult, and the overall prognosis is poor. Among them, the mortality rate of acute liver failure is the highest, and the mortality rate of subacute liver failure and chronic liver failure decreases in turn.

Patients with liver failure induced by alcohol consumption and drug-induced liver injury have a relatively good prognosis, which is superimposed on chronic liver disease Patients with liver failure with basic or compensated cirrhosis have a poor prognosis.

Liver failure if possible With active symptomatic and supportive treatment, it is possible to recover gradually, which mainly depends on the degree of necrosis of liver cells and the regeneration ability of liver cells.

If the liver cells are regenerated in large quantities, exceeding necrotic cells, liver failure can be gradually recovered. If the hepatocytes are necrotic in a large area, the remaining hepatocytes cannot compensate, and the patient eventually dies.