How to face difficulties in life? This comedy festival entry has the answers

Shanghai International Comedy Festival’s work “Spring Blossoms” was recently staged at the Shanghai Grand Theater. This is a healing comedy that focuses on the joys and sorrows of ordinary people and encourages the realization of the true self in daily fireworks. The 90-minute wonderful performance, while deconstructing the current social reality, also provides the audience with “expectation” and “persistence” emotional value. The pessimism and confusion of the healing viewers have long been numb, bringing hope to the fellows.

The story of this play takes place in Shanghai In the few remaining alleys, like every city, there are a group of local and foreign people mixed here, and everyone has their own life confusion. Among them are young couples who have gone through the worldly vision and suddenly have an emotional crisis after being honed in love; there are postgraduate entrance examination parties who are under tremendous pressure but are full of confusion about the future; In “Creation”, a director who pursues his dream but dismisses “rules” and puts his life in crisis… These people carefully deal with their strange relationships every day. Until one day, the director urgently needed a sum of money because of the “credit crisis”. After accepting the suggestion of the “creditor”, he used the profession he regarded as his life to “opportunistically” arrange a play. In order to save costs, the director coaxed and tricked these seven people who had no acting experience to rehearse, so these non-professional actors staged a rehearsal drama full of jokes. Strangely, before the rehearsal of the play was finished, the relationship between everyone changed wonderfully. With the performance of the play, everyone acted as they yearned for. They are no longer trapped in the vortex of the trough, but dance against the strong wind. Because of the rehearsal of this drama, they realized that everyone has power and can live as he wants to live. No matter how cold the winter is, spring will definitely come. We must gather strength and take root. When spring comes, flowers will surely bloom.

As the Shanghai International Comedy Festival The exhibited works, “Spring Flowers Bloom” showed a strong sense of comedy. The language is witty and cleverly conceived, both unexpected and reasonable. Instead of the creator’s subjective conception of the behavior of the characters, the combination of magic and reality presents a hilarious absurd comedy. Director Song Xiaoxian told reporters: “In a modern society where the economy is down and life is under tremendous pressure, we hope to guide the audience to think, reflect, and even see ourselves from the characters through the plot, so that it has a practical significance. Eat Which is more important, dreams or dreams? How much is ideal converted into survival? We can only be relayers of genes or illustrators of civilization?”

This rare drama about contemporary stories well highlights the details and emotions of people’s lives today. Young people play young people, and the play is very lively. The theme has positive significance for society and art. The young people in the play are facing the plight of most people at present, and they also have their own negative emotions, but in the end through the “play within a play”, they stand up, live on, and are very strong !