Eating potatoes instead of staple food makes you lose weight

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Can I eat potatoes during weight loss?

Potato is a “pseudo-vegetable” with very high starch content. It belongs to tuber food, not vegetables. If you eat rice, noodles, hot and sour potato shreds, and braised potatoes, then the carbohydrate content will exceed the standard.

Many people think that the starch content of potatoes is too high, making people fat . In fact, the starch in potatoes is resistant starch, which is not easy to be digested by the body, and it will take a longer time to be full. It can replace staple foods such as rice and noodles.

100g of potatoes has 173 calories, less fat, contains various vitamins and potassium, slows sugar levels, and can regulate blood pressure , promote intestinal peristalsis, and belong to high-quality staple food.

The method of making potatoes is different, and the calories of the final product are also different. Steamed potatoes have relatively low calories, and instead of refined staple food, they can control appetite and help to lose weight.

However, if you make potatoes into potato chips and French fries, the fat content will soar greatly. 100g of potato chips has 495 calories. This is because potatoes absorb a lot of fat during the production process. High-fat and high-carbohydrate foods are the culprits of obesity.

In order to lose weight, a foreigner tried to eat only three meals a day Potatoes, such as: boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, supplement some vitamins appropriately, and drink plenty of water at other times to control weight. After one year, my brother lost 53 kilograms, from 151 kilograms to 98 kilograms. This weight loss effect is very amazing.

Of course, the editor does not approve of this extreme diet and single diet . If you want to lose weight through potato meal replacement, it is recommended that in addition to eating potatoes, you should also eat some high-fiber vegetables, and at the same time add an appropriate amount of protein, so that you can have a balanced diet and let you lose weight healthily.

During the weight loss period, you should pay attention to the way of potatoes: It is not advisable to stir-fry shredded potatoes or braise potatoes. Cook potatoes and fat together Can cause a heat spike.

We have to choose the correct method, for example: Boiling potatoes is the best You can also choose to make mashed potatoes, hot and sour potato shreds, but you should pay attention to adding less ingredients to control the heat of food.