When buying bowls for your family, remember not to choose these three types, as there are various risks hidden

A bowl for eating is what every household needs. Every household should buy some new bowls every year, especially in December before the Spring Festival, which is the concentrated period for everyone to buy bowls. But when we choose a bowl, we must pay attention to it. There are three kinds of bowls, which hide various hygienic risks. It is recommended to buy carefully.

1. ImitationPorcelain bowl:

The imitation porcelain bowl is made of resin, which is similar to ceramic tableware. This kind of tableware is more solid than ceramics, not easy to break, and the color is very bright, and the cleanliness is very strong, so it is loved by many people.

However, many imitation porcelain bowls on the market are made of inferior resin, especially for hot soup and rice When hot dishes encounter high temperature, they will emit harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, etc., which will cause serious harm to the body if used for a long time.

Second, inferior stainless steel bowl:

Stainless steel bowls will not break no matter how much they are dropped, so many families buy them for children, but food-grade stainless steel that meets the standards is more expensive. Some unscrupulous merchants, for the sake of profit, shoddy and used non-food-grade stainless steel to make bowls. Such bowls contain a variety of heavy metals. When we use them to hold hot dishes and rice, the heavy metals will volatilize and inevitably enter In the body, in the long run, it will harm our body.

Three,< span>Overglaze bowl:

The overglaze bowl has bright colors and beautiful patterns, and looks very comfortable , but when we choose, we must carefully distinguish. If there is only glaze on the outside of the bowl, you can buy it, but if there is glaze on the inside of the bowl, then try not to buy it. Because the overglaze color is very faded, if it is washed with hot water or served with hot soup, the overglaze color will fall off when the meal is hot, and the lead content in the overglaze color is very high. If it enters our body, it is inevitable Harmful to the body.

So, When you buy glazed bowls, you can choose any pattern on the outside, but you must buy this white one on the inside Clean, so as not to precipitate some harmful substances.

In short, health is no small matter, for For the sake of our bodies, the utensils in our lives must be healthy.