Each of these 5 night-view attractions in the suburbs of Beijing is worth visiting! Beautiful mountain lake at night

The beginning of autumn is over

The night breeze is obviously refreshing

At this time, the temperature in the suburbs of Beijing is more pleasant

To enjoy with Wenlvjun

The charming night view of the suburbs of Beijing

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Badaling Great Wall

In mid-July, Badaling will open the night Great Wall experience

Open every Friday, Saturday and legal holidays

It will last until “Ten One “holiday

the first time of the lanterns

the gate of the parking lot in the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Spot

the huge welcoming planet is very cool

along Walking along the cultural street to Dengchengkou

light and shadow on the trees lingering

the dazzling projection on the ground shows the four seasons

on the animation display wall

The historical legend and derivative animation of Meng Jiangnu

It is very popular with children

In front of the booth of the Winter Olympics torch relay event

Snowflakes fall The rush down

the cool feeling blows on the face

the laser beam hits the bronze characters

“You are not a hero if you don’t reach the Great Wall”

Seven powerful characters are spread out in turn

During the Night Great Wall Experience

There will be “Great Wall Night Food Street”

“Great Wall Night Food Stalls”

Meet the dining needs of tourists< /p>

Reservation method: Wechat official account for tourism inside and outside the Great Wall

Address: Beijing, G6, Yanqing District, Beijing Tibet Expressway Exit 58


Simatai Great Wall

If lanterns and bridges are a landscape

That lantern tour of the Great Wall must be a kind of feeling.

The towering and tall Simatai Great Wall

recumbent between the top of the mountain and the clouds

bright yellow lights against the bricks of the ancient city

Like a golden dragon

Walking on the historical stone bricks with lanterns

Overlooking the dimly lit Gubei Water Town from the Great Wall

Night The beautiful scenery of the water town in China has a panoramic view

The evening wind caresses the face, and the stars twinkle in the night sky

Walking under the star river

Make the night in the suburbs of Beijing quiet Comfortable

Dispel the tiredness~

End of night tour of Simatai Great Wall

You can go to Gubei Water Town at the foot of the Great Wall

Enjoy music water dance show, drone performance

Experience the infinite fun of combining classical and technology

Or walk along the long winding old street along the Tang River

Have a unique style

Reservation method: Gubei Water Town Tourism WeChat Official Account

< span>Address: North of Sima Village, Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing


Yanqi Lake

Some people say that in the daytime of Yanqi Lake The beauty of

is like the shade of ink and blue

contains ancient poetry and painting

Yanqi Lake at night is also intoxicating

With the fall of night

the lake glitters with a hazy beauty

Looking from afar

The colorful lights and the mountains complement each other

The night lighting of Yanqi Lake

Fully learn from Painting techniques of traditional Chinese painting

Opening a “visual feast of ink and wash”

Looking at the sparkling waves and surrounded by mountains on the shore of Yanqi Lake

It is like walking in a landscape painting scroll Medium

If it’s not enough to just stand on the shore and watch it

Then the “Night Night” has opened “Sail” service

It will definitely meet your viewing needs

As the cruise ship goes on

Visitors can see the villas on Yanqi Island,

Yanqi Pagoda, International Conference Center

Walking slowly in the night light

The breeze blows, refreshing ~

< span>Reservation method: Yanqi Lake WeChat Official Account

Address: No. 3 Yanshui Road, North Huaibei Town, Huairou District, Beijing< /strong>


Lishugou Leisure Town span>

Picture/Lishugou Leisure Town

Photo/Lishugou Leisure Town

Come to Lishugou Leisure Town

You must not miss the mountain slide project

2500-meter long slide

surrounded by streams and continuous green hills


Straights, corners, ramps…

One second you’re still going at full speed

The next second you’re on the road

You’re forever I don’t know what kind of beauty is waiting for me after the next turning point

Picture/Lishugou Leisure Town

In the evening, the valley is chilly

At night, the lights on the entire Lihua Avenue are turned on

The nightlife of the town will slowly start

Get on the mountain bike in the town

Enter A shining Milky Way

You can enjoy the bright night view in the valley

Picture/Lishugou Leisure Town

Walking through the mountain terraces with friends

One A corridor of flowers meanders along the mountain.

The garden is full of flowers, and the garden is colorful

The terraced field landscape at night is under the blessing of lights

It looks like it is embedded in the mountains

Amazingly wonderful

Reservation method: Lishugou Leisure Town WeChat Official Account p>

Address: Lishugou Village, Huangsongyu Township, Pinggu District, Beijing


COFCO·Xiangyun Town

Photo/Beijing Youth Network

COFCO·Xiangyun Town opened on August 5

“Xiangyun Xi Street·Night Market” Events

The event continues until the Mid-Autumn Festival

6-week theme event schedule

We have fresh gameplay every week

covering Extremely rich holiday experience

Photo/Beijing Evening News

The 300-meter-long Xiangyunxi Street

is located in the main building of the town. On the west side

When the sun sets in the west

the afterglow of the setting sun gilds the long street with golden light and shadow

the fun time of “Xijie” begins< /p>

Dozens of market stall owners open lively

with “retro market” and “art market”

“coffee, craft and creative bartending” “Camp Market”

“Camp Market” and other weekly different themes

Sell all kinds of good things

Original design, handmade, coffee ,

paintings, camping and other related products will come one after another

you can get a full of creative surprises when you walk around

Photo/Beijing Evening News

“Late Night Food Street 4.0” adds more fireworks

more than 30 restaurants without Frontier Cuisine

Open every day until early morning

Except for various restaurants in “Late Night Food Street”

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinema, Sisyphus Bookstore, etc.


Also open at night

Create a more diversified “cultural town”

Enhance the overall cultural atmosphere of nightlife in the business district

The 100,000㎡ flower border vegetation landscape has been updated.

More than 30 kinds of flowers are in full bloom

Customers can enjoy summer night life in the natural fragrance of flowers

Address: No. 9, Antai Street, Shunyi District, Beijing

Warm reminder

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism reminds the general public and tourists to pay attention to the weather forecast before going out, try to reduce going out in rainy weather, and try not to play or camp in the mountains. At the same time, citizens and tourists should adhere to the epidemic prevention and control when they travel, strictly abide by various epidemic prevention regulations, conduct nucleic acid tests as required, and enter public places such as parks, scenic spots, scenic spots, supermarkets, hotels, and homestays to cooperate with all staff to scan the code to measure temperature. , Check the nucleic acid negative certificate; do not gather, do not get together, and minimize the risk of infection.

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