Old Chinese Medicine: Eating jujubes in this way is more effective in nourishing blood and nourishing the spleen

In daily life, whenever people talk about food that enriches blood, people always think of jujube. Especially female friends, many have the habit of eating jujube. Its low price, coupled with the simple way of eating, has good tonic effects whether eaten raw, making tea, or cooking porridge, so it is highly praised by people. Moreover, jujube is not only a good product for nourishing blood, but also a good product for nourishing the spleen and stomach.

It has been recorded in ancient Chinese medicine that jujube is effective in relieving fatigue and sallow complexion caused by weak spleen and stomach . Taking jujube when the spleen is weak and the heart is weak, has the effect of nourishing blood and calming the nerves.

The current office workers work from nine to five, consume a lot of hard work, often have a poor appetite, and do not sleep well. At this time, they can insist on eating jujube every day. Jujube contains a lot of vitamin C and has the reputation of “Vitamin King”. A foreign clinical study showed that the recovery rate of patients who ate jujube continuously was more than three times faster than those who simply took vitamin medicine. At the same time, eating jujube is very useful for people with anemia, especially for female friends. Women can use jujube to enrich blood during menstruation, or when they have symptoms of anemia, or after giving birth. In addition, the effect of jujube invigorating the middle and replenishing qi is also worth mentioning. Those who are born with insufficient ferrite and weak spleen and stomach often eat jujube, which can promote digestion and absorption in the stomach.

Jujube tastes sweet, and eating it raw is also the most common way of taking it. Even if it is more cumbersome, it is nothing more than making tea and cooking porridge. In fact, these methods do not fully exert the effect of jujube, but simply replenish blood. After many years of clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine and self-summarization, Lu Zhizheng, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, believes that Steaming jujube has better curative effect.

Any Chinese herbal medicine needs to be processed before it is used as medicine. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple, and it can be done easily at home. The jujube needs to be dry-steamed 3 times, and each dry-steaming will strengthen the efficacy of the jujube to nourish the blood and nourish the spleen, and make the jujube taste better.

The method of steaming jujube three times is very simple. Choose jujube with full texture and bright color, and wash away the impurities on the jujube skin without soaking. Then carry out 3 times of dry steaming. Steam for 20 minutes on medium-high heat for the first time, put in a cool place for 3~4 hours, and then steam for another 20 minutes. After the water boils, turn to low heat and steam for 20 minutes before serving. It is best to peel off the hard skin and jujube core when eating. The steamed jujubes that can’t be eaten every time need to be steamed again next time.

The steamed jujube is easier to digest, very suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. We can also steam wolfberry, eggs, and jujube together. Female friends can nourish qi and blood and adjust complexion when female friends eat it; male friends can nourish liver and kidney.

Although jujubes are good, don’t be greedy. Everyone should pay attention to the following problems when eating jujube. First, pay attention to the dosage, just eat 3~8 pieces of jujube each time. In fact, it is not only eating jujubes, but also moderation in many aspects of life. Second, it is necessary to clarify the suitable and contraindicated groups of jujube, not everyone can eat it. Jujube contains a lot of sugar, so it is not suitable for diabetics to eat jujube regularly. In addition, this product helps dampness and heat generation, making people feel full, so people with dampness, abdominal distension, food accumulation, insect accumulation, and phlegm-heat cough should not take it.

Reference “Spleen and Stomach Harmonization and Elimination of All Diseases”