Dr. Liu Yi said that the pulmonary nodules in the reexamination of lung cancer (4906) could not be clearly displayed, did they not show it?

Small lung nodules that require regular observation. Some patients saw the latest report showing that the pulmonary nodules were not clearly displayed during the re-examination of the pulmonary nodules. What’s the matter? Was it not filmed?

There is a 38-year-old lady who had her breasts taken in our hospital half a year ago On CT, multiple nodules in the lungs were found, with a maximum diameter of 6 mm, mainly composed of ground glass. She asked me to watch the film at that time, and I suggested to review it after half a year. Half a year later, she re-examined the chest CT at our hospital two days ago, and showed me the results of the re-examination.

I saw the latest film, the multiple lung nodules before are gone , only a relatively small ground glass nodule with a diameter of less than 5 mm remains, which can be observed further. She also read her report carefully, and the report showed that the previous nodules were not clearly displayed. She asked me if it was because I didn’t take pictures? It’s not that it was not filmed. The pulmonary nodules are not clearly displayed. It means that the previous pulmonary nodules are not displayed so clearly on the new film. It means that it has dissipated. This is a good thing. This is also the reason why small ground glass nodules are not rushed to undergo surgery when they are first discovered, and wait for a period of time to observe and take a look, because some pulmonary nodules can dissipate.

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