Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4903) is taking lung cancer targeted drugs, can I take Chinese herbal medicine to adjust the body?

Targeted therapy for lung cancer has now become a classic treatment mode, just take medicine at home every day. A lung cancer patient left me a message. He is currently taking targeted drugs and asked if I could prescribe some Chinese herbal medicine to adjust his body.

I do not recommend taking targeted drugs and Chinese patent medicines at the same time, targeted Drugs interact with many medications. Some drugs can reduce the blood concentration of the targeted drug, so that the targeted drug does not have the desired anti-cancer effect, and some drugs can increase the blood concentration of the targeted drug, which increases the harm to the human body. For the same patient, see different Chinese medicine practitioners, and each Chinese medicine practitioner prescribes different Chinese herbal medicines. Taking Chinese herbal medicines at the same time may increase or decrease the blood concentration of targeted drugs.

The cognitive level of each patient is different, some Chinese medicine often make lung cancer The patient takes the targeted drug blindly, and then takes his own Chinese herbal medicine. If it is effective, he will emphasize that the Chinese herbal medicine he prescribed has an anti-cancer effect, and he will simply mention the targeted drug blindly, showing that he prescribed it. How good the effect of Chinese herbal medicine is to attract more lung cancer patients to him for irregular treatment, I have disclosed this before, and everyone knows who I am talking about.