Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4910) pulmonary nodule surgery often came back to the hospital because of coughing and shortness of breath

Many people worry about whether the recovery of pulmonary nodules will be poor after surgery, and whether there are symptoms such as aggravated cough and asthma? Some patients will have some cough and wheezing after pulmonary nodule surgery, but generally speaking, there are not many serious cases.

A patient who underwent lung nodule surgery at my place last week gave I left a message. He was discharged from the hospital on Sunday morning. He said that he felt a little cough and wheezing yesterday and this evening. Is this normal? As I said just now, some patients will feel this way, but most of the symptoms are not very serious, you can continue to observe, and everyone should not be overly nervous. If you have severe wheezing and severe cough, and you need to seek medical treatment in time, you can go to the emergency department of the internal medicine department of a nearby hospital at any time.

A friend asked that he was discharged from the hospital after surgery for pulmonary nodules because of coughing How often do you go to the emergency department of the hospital urgently? This kind of situation is rare. I recalled it. I have been in this industry for 20 years. This kind of situation is still very rare. I have never encountered it. It can be said that it has almost never happened.