Dr. Liu Yi said that on the last day of the Lung Cancer (4901) Concern Month, re-discussion on lung cancer physical examination screening

Today is November 30, the last day of International Lung Cancer Awareness Month. In the past month, everyone has seen a lot of science popularization about lung cancer, and some friends have benefited from it. The most beneficial thing is to see people who do a physical examination after reading the science popularization, and find nodules in the lungs. After surgery, they are finally confirmed to be lung cancer.

The incidence and mortality of lung cancer are now at the forefront of malignant tumors. If lung cancer is not scary, many people do not believe it. Many people have the impression that patients diagnosed with lung cancer will not live long. What I want to tell you is that it also subverts everyone’s perception that if lung cancer patients can be detected early and operated on early, many patients can live for a long time without affecting their lives.

The most difficult thing is how to detect lung cancer early. Apart from taking the initiative to go to the hospital for physical examination and screening, there is no other better way. So, what kind of people need to go to the hospital for lung cancer screening? Is there a primary school student in the family who has to go to the hospital? Obviously not. The high-risk groups listed in the picture below need to be screened for lung cancer every year. Take two minutes to see if you are a high-risk group for lung cancer?