Do not blanch these 6 ingredients before eating after winter = “eat poison”! No matter how lazy you are for your family’s health, you can’t save it

After winter, no matter how lazy you are, don’t skip this step! If these 4 kinds of vegetables are not blanched, the consequences will be very serious~

As the saying goes, “diseases come from the mouth”, many diseases come from eating. If you want to have a healthy body, you must pay attention to the way you eat, so that it is beneficial to your health.

Did you know? Some vegetables, if you eat them as they are, can be bad for your health. Today, I will tell you that in winter, there are several kinds of vegetables that cannot be eaten without frying water. If this step is omitted, it may bring danger! Especially some vegetables with their own “poison”…

If you know earlier, you will benefit earlier, and there is no harm in taking an extra step!

1. Cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower vegetables are very popular in winter, and they are rich in nutrition and taste good. But cauliflower vegetables have a disadvantage, that is, they are easy to be stained with insect eggs, dust and other dirt, as well as pesticide residues. This kind of vegetables are extremely difficult to clean. >It is difficult to ensure that it is clean even if it is soaked in light salt water.

If you don’t blanch If you eat this kind of unclean vegetables often, it will cause stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is best to blanch them before eating.

< span>Second, green beans

Green beans are difficult to cook. If you blanch them before frying, it will be easier to cook them thoroughly, which is very trouble-free. In addition, kidney beans contain two toxins, hemagglutinin and saponin, which can stimulate the stomach, cause red blood cells in the body to agglutinate and hemolyze, causing poisoning.

If you blanch the water first, you can remove these toxins, so when you cook green beans, It must be blanched first to ensure that the toxins are removed. Except for green beans, cowpeas and lentils are the same, they should be blanched before cooking.

< span>3. Winter bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are evergreen plants underground, sweet in taste and cold in nature. Especially winter bamboo shoots, which grow for a long time, have thick meat and tender taste, and are very popular in autumn and winter. But winter bamboo shoots contain a lot of oxalic acid, which has a bitter taste, and oxalic acid is not easily absorbed by the human body, and it may pose a threat to human health after eating.

After blanching, it can not only make the bamboo shoots taste better, but also promote the body’s absorption of calcium, remove the astringent taste, and enhance the umami taste. The blanched winter bamboo shoots can better exude bitterness and oxalic acid, so that they are tender and palatable.

Fourth, spinach

In winter, spinach is a frequent visitor on the table. It is rich in nutrition and rich in Containing iron, it has a miraculous effect of nourishing blood. Of course, the most important thing is that it is cheap! You can buy a large bundle for 2 yuan, how can you not love it?

The reason why spinach must be blanched is that its oxalic acid content is high, about 0.97%.< /span>Oxalic acid is not terrible, it is the beginning of the nightmare when it enters our body. In the small intestinal fluid, most of the oxalic acid will combine with calcium ions to form calcium oxalate. The solubility of this substance is very low , will slowly precipitate in the kidneys, leading to urinary tract stones!

So, in order to avoid To open stones, stir fry water before eating!

These 4 types of ingredients are often eaten in life, everyone Remember that you will need to blanch it in the future, don’t be lazy, don’t wait until there is a problem with eating, and then regret it!