Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4867) pulmonary nodules will be pre-hospitalized, and the specific day will be transferred in on weekends

Some pulmonary nodules need to be surgically removed, and a systematic inspection is required before the operation, which takes a few days time. It is impossible to take a plain CT scan and have an operation the next day after hospitalization. That would be a bit hasty. While the vast majority of patients do well during routine preoperative checkups, we strive to ensure the safety of all patients.

Pulmonary nodule preoperative examination, if the distance from our hospital is convenient, you can Go through pre-hospitalization first, so that the impact on family and work is relatively small. I have told you many times about pre-hospitalization related matters in previous articles. Friends who are interested can search the previous articles, and you will know after reading it. It is very simple to handle.

A patient with pulmonary nodules contacted me this morning, he I plan to come to my place next Monday for pre-hospitalization for lung nodule surgery. I told him that if the procedure is done next Monday, he can be transferred in next weekend, and then he can have surgery next Tuesday or Wednesday. He asked me if weekend refers to Friday or Sunday? Now I can’t say that is so accurate, usually Friday, Saturday or Sunday, these three days are possible, it also depends on the arrangement of beds and the results of everyone’s examination in the pre-hospitalization. But no matter which day, I will arrange it for everyone.