5 good fates in life, you can meet them but you can’t ask for them

Dong Qing said: “Everything in the world is met.”

The path of life is long and difficult, and you meet many things and people.

Some people, As soon as they met, they amazed the time and warmed the years.

Like destiny The gift from us illuminates the way forward and inspires the future for us.

Life There are 5 good fates: meeting a good teacher, making good friends, getting a good man, listening to good words, and seizing good opportunities.

There is a saying in “Dongpo Dream”: “If you meet a good teacher, you will live three lives Fortunately.”

Teachers are easy to get, but teachers are hard to find. It is a lifetime of luck to have a good teacher to cultivate.

Like a beacon , to help us get rid of confusion and find the way forward.

Before the age of 30, Zeng Guofan was just a mediocre person, doing nothing.

Until the age of 30 In 1999, Zeng Guofan met his mentor Tang Jian.

Tang Jian taught Zeng Guofan The method of self-cultivation and reading, let him write a diary to supervise himself, and said to him:

“If you are not a sage, you are a beast. You only care about hard work, not harvest.”

Not only let Zeng Guofan continue to improve himself, but also let him reborn and aspire to become a saint.

Later the Taiping Army fought When he arrived in Hunan, it was also Tang Jian who strongly recommended Zeng Guofan to the emperor to organize group training.

It can be said that Zeng Guofan Being able to become “the most perfect person in the ages” is due to his teacher Tang Jian.

Han Yu’s “Teacher There is a saying in “Said”: “Teachers, preaching and receiving karma to solve doubts.”

Meeting a good teacher can not only increase your knowledge, but also make you understand your heart and avoid detours.

On the long road of life, a person may go very fast, but only with a good teacher can he go further.

As the saying goes: “Knowing a hundred people is worse than knowing one person. “

true good friend , once you get to know each other, you will be irresistible.

They will silently support you when you are down, and help you when you are down.

Even if thousands of sails are over, I will never leave you and stay with you.

Intersecting with them, nourishing and achieving each other is the greatest luck on the way forward.< /span>

When paying dividends, Mr. Guan Zhong took more money, Bao Shuya knew him The family was poor and never blamed.

Later, the two had different political positions, but still maintained an unforgettable friendship.

Bao Shuya also persuaded Disregarding previous suspicions, Duke Huan appointed the resourceful Guan Zhong as his prime minister.

Guan Zhong said with emotion: “The parents who gave birth to me are the ones who know me.”

A good friend is someone who understands you, someone who helps you, and someone who saves you.

The rest of my life , Accompanied by a good friend and a close friend, it is bound to be good all the way.

As the saying goes: “Treasures are easy to find, but love is hard to find.”< /span>

Good other half, He will overcome the trivialities of life with you and face the storms of life.

In mutual support, Accompany each other, go to each other, and become a better version of yourself.

In the mundane world, To be accompanied by a beloved is a lifetime of good luck and blessing.

The love between Shen Fu and Yun Niang in “Six Chapters of a Floating Life” is enviable.

Yun Niang is kind and beautiful , no matter rich or poor, she will never leave Shen Fu’s side.

And Shen Fu Warm, love her, respect her, know her and understand her, and give her the best protection.

In the fleeting years , They talked about poetry, drank tea, watched the moon and painted, and lived a sweet and happy life.

Love in ordinary times, Walking together in difficult times, their stories have warmed countless readers in future generations.

This The best luck in the world is meeting the right person at the right time.

With one person’s hand, from white hair to white hair, two people in one room, three meals for four seasons, a stable life.

< p data-track="89">I often hear people say: “Listening to your words is better than reading ten years of books.”

Life is alive, there will always be difficulties, and you can’t figure it out and get stuck.

Sometimes, a sentence Good words can make people suddenly enlightened and enlightened.

Since then, trouble If you solve it easily, your life will undergo earth-shaking changes.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Lu Meng was used by Sun Quan because of his repeated military exploits.

But because he doesn’t Xiwen, ignorant and ignorant, is often ridiculed.

It was Sun Quan who treated him Said: “You must learn! I often read alone, thinking that it will be of great benefit.”

< p data-track="104">Lv Mengcai worked hard to learn and read classics, history and martial arts diligently, which made Lu Su admire him.

Later, Guan Yushui When Cao Cao’s Seventh Army was flooded, it was Lü Meng who made a plan to cross the river in white clothes and behead Guan Yu.

Listen Good words are to increase wisdom, broaden horizons, and enlarge the pattern.

It has a multiplier effect on self-improvement, and it is also the simplest and most effective way to success.

Lu Yao once said: “Although the road of life is long, there are often only a few steps at the critical point. ”

A person’s life will be Countless opportunities are encountered, some insignificant and some critical.

Whether you can grasp it will directly affect a person’s fate.

Only by grasping the opportunity can we reach a higher height with less effort.

When Zuo Zongtang was young, he failed many exams and lost his name.

He turned to study the art of war, pay attention to farming, and cultivate himself deeply.

Smart him, grasp the suppression of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom The opportunity to be rewarded by the imperial court.

But he knows that without Jinshi status, he will not will go to a higher position.

With the unrest in Xinjiang At the right time, he used the excuse that he would try to delay, and was awarded the title of Jinshi by the court.

After that, he can He became one of the four famous ministers of Zhongxing in the late Qing Dynasty, from the official to the cabinet bachelor and the minister of military aircraft.

Li Bai said: ” Dapeng rises with the same wind in one day, soaring up to 90,000 miles.”

Seize the opportunity to ride the wind and waves like a great roc, and go straight to the sky.

Wait for the time to move, follow the trend, easily cross the class, and realize the counterattack of life.

Author | Ru Fengjun, source: Master Confucianism (ID: rufengdajia)

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