CCTV’s “Iron Lady” Xiao Xiaolin died of bowel cancer. The 26-word last words before her death are worthy of our consideration

A person’s life is actually a process from prosperity to decline, from birth to death. It is a natural law and no one can change it. In recent years, my country

< span> For example, CCTV host Luo Jing died of lymphoma cancer at the age of 48. The famous host Li Yong died of cancer at the age of 50, and the host Wang Huan died of cancer at the age of 42.

Among the many hosts, do you still remember Xiao Xiaolin, the founder of “Today’s Talk”? He also died of rectal cancer at the age of 55. From this point of view, celebrities who died early due to cancer are not undergoing surgery, and there are even celebrities we know well, which also makes us understand the importance of good health.


CCTV’s “Iron Lady” Xiao Xiaolin died of bowel cancer, the 26-word last words before her death are worthy of our consideration

The column “Today’s Statement” is the first legal special report column of CCTV. The first batch of hosts at the beginning of this program was a team of three people, two male hosts and one female host. This was the earliest backbone force. The three were: Zhang Shaogang, Sa Beining and Xiao Xiaolin.

No need to say much, Sa Beining is omnipotent and omnipotent. Now he is the number one CCTV variety show, and people occasionally appear On the screen, Li Gang has already left CCTV, and his hosting style is becoming more and more variety show-oriented, while another female host, Xiao Xiaolin, has already quietly left this world.

When this show started At the age of 37, Xiao Xiaolin is at the most mature stage for a woman. She is not only a wife but also a mother, but she devotes herself to her job and neglects her family, but her husband understands her very much and loves her very much.

Because of the preparation of the program, I often only eat one meal a day, and there is not enough rest time. The material, the husband will bring him meals or take his son to visit the program group, which makes him very warm. Although this kind of practice of not caring about his body and irregular eating and resting is not commendable, his love and dedication to work are worthy. The titles of “Iron Masked Beauty” and “Desperate Saburo”.

The words “iron face” and “beauty” are so wonderfully combined in Xiao Xiaolin together. However, using an iron surface pump is not equal to being an iron man. She devoted herself to her job and neglected the maintenance of her body and the company of her family. In 2017, after 29 years of work, she finally retired.

Son and husband are very excited , I plan to go on a trip with my family, and I want to make up for my son’s retirement. After spending time with my husband and son, I happily lived an ordinary life for the first two months, shopping for food, cooking, traveling, and planning my life after retirement. For 3 months, the red light was on in my body, and I often felt stomach pains. I thought it was nothing serious at first, but I have always had this symptom. Due to the pressure of my son and husband, I went to the hospital for examination.

However, it was a bolt from the blue, and the colon cancer was diagnosed at an advanced stage at the same time. The family could not accept this As a result, the examinations in several major hospitals were consistent, and what was worse was that it was too late to go to the unified caliber. Xiao Xiaolin, 53, could not accept this result, so she chose to go abroad for treatment.

I thought there was a ray of hope, but the disease developed too fast. In 2017, I retired in June for only 5 months After his death, his regrets and 26-character last words still remind us today: “Propaganda, don’t ignore health like me. You are healthy and live a long life. I am here. Thank you!< /p>

During the last period of her life, Xiao Xiaolin regretted her “desperation” when she was young. A healthy body is the capital of the revolution. Ignoring health for the sake of dreams is an extreme. The price of life is also a warning to us, and we should pay more attention to health, so we should pay more attention to our own health and learn to improve our immunity.


How to better improve immunity? Let’s listen to one by one

Couple 1: Balanced diet

We can’t just eat one meal a day like her, we must ensure a balanced diet every day, although we don’t Know how to combine nutrients, but you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a simple example to supplement iron. The most common foods are animal blood, liver, red meat, black fungus, etc., with meat and vegetables, a balanced diet healthier.

Couple 2: Sufficient sleep

Ensure 8 hours of adequate sleep every day, avoid staying up late, preferably at 10 o’clock in the evening Go to bed before midnight, and take a proper lunch break if possible. It doesn’t take long, and it only takes ten or twenty minutes to fully refresh the body.

Couple 3: Reasonable exercise< /p>

Try to spend a certain amount of time exercising, it can effectively promote blood circulation throughout the body, and it can also increase the white blood cell mediator in the blood and enhance the activity of natural killer cells , At least three times a week, each time to ensure more than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Healthy diet and lifestyle cannot be developed at once, and need to be improved step by step. Accumulated drop by drop.