Dr. Liu Yi said that lung cancer (4854) some nodular lung cancer is not a sick cat

Now more and more lung nodules are found. Lung cancer should also be very early, relatively low in malignancy, slow in development, very lazy, like a sick cat, and will not show off. Indeed, some nodular lung cancers are like this, but some nodular lung cancers are not because sick cats do not show their power. On the contrary, they will be more malignant and progress faster.

A family member of a patient with pulmonary nodules contacted on the online consultation platform I, send me the information of my daughter, her daughter is just in her early 40s, very young. After the lung nodules were found, a further PET-CT was done, so I could see the results of her latest PET-CT. This patient had a nodule with a diameter of less than two centimeters in the lower lobe of the right lung, which was considered malignant. It sounds like this pulmonary nodule is not large, and the degree of malignancy should be very low. But it is not the case. There are multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the base of the neck, right hilum, and mediastinum of this patient, which are considered to be metastases. There are also multiple small nodules in the lungs, which are also considered to be metastases. The clinical data of this patient certainly does not belong to early lung cancer, it should belong to advanced stage. Already lost the chance of radical surgery, although so young.

Therefore, if you find nodules in your lungs, don’t underestimate them. Don’t believe the knowledge about lung nodules you have checked on the Internet, because you can’t tell which type of lung nodules you have. Sections correspond to each other. Be sure to find an experienced lung surgeon to take a look at your lung nodules and develop a realistic treatment plan.