World Cup: The doctor solemnly reminds – watch the game rationally, don’t be angry?

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The World Cup held every four years Come, every fan will not miss this excellent world football feast!

But you know what? During the World Cup, disease morbidity and mortality will also increase. This is not sensational, let’s take a look!

1. Do you know “World Cup Syndrome”?

After the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia yesterday, the hospital suddenly increased a lot of patients with “World Cup Syndrome”. “World Cup Syndrome” mainly refers to the sudden increase in gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular diseases caused by some fans staying up late to watch the game during the World Cup because of mood swings caused by the game.

Second, the World Cup will increase myocardial infarction?

Not only simple outpatients, but even myocardial infarction will increase significantly with the World Cup. A study in Brazil showed a 9% increase in the number of heart attacks during the World Cup. A study in Germany showed a 4 percent increase in myocardial infarctions during the 2014 World Cup. And the number of deaths has increased significantly with the World Cup.

Third, watch the game rationally, don’t get angry!

Many fans will have great psychological fluctuations after their favorite team wins or loses, and these emotional changes can easily become a cause of abnormal health fuse. For example, it can lead to increased blood pressure, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and even sudden death. Therefore, getting angry while watching football is no longer as simple as smashing the TV or throwing things. Getting angry while watching football can easily lead to death!

On the occasion of the World Cup, Dr. Chen reminds everyone: You must watch the football and the game rationally! Beware of cardiovascular disease-induced conditions such as staying up late, drinking alcohol, overeating, and excessive emotional fluctuations, and beware of World Cup syndrome.

Remind again: watch the game rationally, don’t get angry!

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