After a woman is 40 years old, these “treasures” may wish to eat more, or it may help you delay aging and look younger

What should a 40-year-old woman look like?

When I was asked this question, I thought of my mother, the “yellow-faced woman” who always circles around the children and the kitchen. The mother who is only 40 years old already has the appearance of 50 years old. The years have left too many traces on her body, and she has a sense of vicissitudes beyond her age.

Of course, there are also 40-year-old delicate women around, they pay attention to health, Pay attention to beauty, pay attention to all the details of life. No matter how busy you are at work, you will never forget to love yourself, carry a thermos cup, and various skin care and health care products.

At this moment, I thought of a sentence: All efforts and persistence will not be let down in the end. At the age of 40, you can also look like a peach blossom, but the premise is that you are good enough to yourself. Only by working hard and persevering can you reap the desired results, so what are you waiting for?

For women, if they want to look like a peach blossom, they must maintain their body There is plenty of blood. If Qi and blood are insufficient, it is likely to make the skin rough and dark yellow, just like throwing an apple into the desert, it will soon become dry and not moist at all.

So, women who love beauty should not only pay attention to the appearance, but should pay attention to the inside, starting with replenishing qi and blood. As long as the Qi and blood are sufficient, not only will the skin become clear and rosy, but the body will also be healthier. In this way, wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone and fulfill many small wishes.

Eat more of these “treasures”, it’s hard not to look like a peach blossom

1. Red dates

The most cost-effective food for nourishing qi and blood, Naturally, it belongs to red dates, which is simply the gospel of women in “slums”. Jujube is rich in nutrition and contains a variety of essential nutrients for women, such as iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, amino acids, glucose and other ingredients.

Judging from these nutrients alone, red dates have a very good nourishing effect, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also enhance women’s disease resistance. As for how to eat red dates, there are countless ways to eat them. They can be used as an afternoon snack, or used to make soup or soak in water.

2. Dried longan

Whether it is a fruit or a dried fruit, the nutritional value of longan is very high. Especially dried longan after air-drying, the glucose and protein in it are sufficient, which is good for Qi and blood. Especially for women who are irritable and have poor sleep, dried longan is definitely a good thing, which can stabilize the mind.

In addition, dried longan also has a lot of trace elements, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. All in all, it is nutritious and women should eat more. It is said that eating dried longan regularly can improve the problem of blood loss and is a good food for replenishing blood.

3 , Yam

If you want to talk about the most traditional tonic, it is naturally yam. There are 16 kinds of amino acids in it that are necessary for the human body. Therefore, there is a saying that “eating yam in autumn and winter is better than taking tonic”. Among the health-preserving ingredients from ancient times to the present, yam has been an indispensable one.

The most The important thing is that there are many ways to make yam, which can meet the cooking needs of different women. It can be made into small desserts, or porridge or soup, which cannot cover up its nutrition and taste. The soft and glutinous yam has a clear taste in the mouth. Sweet, I really like it.

Write at the end: Behind the face like a peach blossom is constant persistence. Rather than envying the beauty of others, it is better to spend time loving yourself. Eat more of these ingredients that replenish energy and blood, and you can also have the same beauty as them.

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