Don’t throw away the shell after eating mangosteen, grinding them into powder has a “big effect”

“As a post-90s person, from childhood to adulthood, my biggest feeling is that I feel that the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and people’s living standards are constantly improving. For example, we go to the supermarket to buy fruit. There were no supermarkets before, and we didn’t know where to buy fruit. But now, the difference is that we can buy a lot of things we want in the supermarket, water. Fruit is also a variety, especially It is a relatively cold mangosteen.

“Actually, I I don’t know when it started. More and more people like to eat mangosteen. Eating mangosteen is a popular trend. Mangosteen not only tastes good, but also contains rich nutrients and various vitamins needed by the human body. Mangosteen is not a common fruit and it is relatively expensive, even if it is. Therefore, more and more people like to eat mangosteen. ”

“After buying mangosteen, most people will remove the mangosteen the skin of the mangosteen, and then eat the flesh of the mangosteen, and after eating the flesh of the mangosteen, they will throw away the shell of the mangosteen. We did this because we thought the mangosteen husk wouldn’t do anything, but it didn’t. The shell of the mangosteen has a good effect. Do you know what it is? ”

“Mangosteen contains a lot of nutrients, which are good for human health very helpful. In fact, mangosteen husk also has many nutrients, which are also very helpful for the growth of plants. After eating mangosteen, don’t throw away the shell, pile it up, grind it into powder, and sprinkle it evenly among your own flowers and plants, so that the flowers, plants and trees can grow strong. This is mangosteen. Do you know the important role of shells? “

“I also know it from a person who likes to grow flowers. When I came back to try it, I felt that the flowers and plants I had grown were completely different. If you like mangosteen very much, you will absorb the nutrients, and at the same time, don’t forget to add some nutrients to the flowers and plants at home. ”