Is drinking tea bad for your health? Reminder: Regardless of men and women, there are two kinds of tea that are recommended to drink less

For the tea culture of our country, it can be expressed in 4 words, that is, it has a long history, and many people like to drink tea in life.

In the process of drinking tea, you can taste the aroma of tea, and you can also cultivate your body, so drinking tea will bring benefits to your health .

Drinking tea regularly can refresh your mind Efficacy, and there are vitamin C and vitamin B1 in the tea, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion and excrete excess fat in the body.

The tea polyphenols in it are particularly rich, which has antioxidant effects on the body and can help the body delay aging, but some people say that drinking tea Bad for the body, so is that really the case?


Drinking tea will be harmful to the body good place?

The reason why people think that drinking tea is not good for your health is because there is caffeine in tea, which is an active substance that enters the body After that, the content of uric acid will increase, which will accelerate the loss of calcium in the body.

If the body loses too much calcium, it will cause bone diseases in the body, so middle-aged and elderly people must drink less tea .

But compared to the disadvantages of drinking tea , Drinking tea is also very beneficial to the body. If you find that the quality of sleep decreases after drinking tea, then don’t drink tea all the time. Often poor sleep can easily bring harm to the body.


Whether male or female, the following I hope that you will drink less of these two kinds of tea. It is best to know more about it

1. Tea with a temperature exceeding 65 degrees

Many people like to drink tea with a relatively high temperature in life. If the water temperature exceeds 65°C, it will have a negative impact on the tea, so everyone drinks tea The water temperature should not be too high at this time.

If the water temperature is relatively high, it may cause certain damage to the esophagus Our esophagus is particularly fragile, often drinking too hot tea will increase the risk of oral cancer and gastric cancer.

2. Overnight tea

If you often drink Overnight tea is not good for your health, because the tea is stored for a long time, and the sugar and amino acid electrolytes in the tea will produce a large number of bacteria and garbage toxins.

After the tea stays overnight, the tea polyphenols in the tea leaves It is destroyed, and there will be an oxidation reaction, so many people have stomach discomfort and even diarrhea and abdominal pain after drinking overnight tea, so it is best not to drink overnight tea.


What are the misunderstandings of drinking tea?Do you pay attention?

Steep a small handful of tea for a whole day

Many people in life like to soak a small handful of tea leaves in a teacup for a whole day. After the tea leaves have been brewed many times, the aroma of the tea leaves will be reduced, and oxidation will also reduce the aerobic substances in them.

The flavonoids, tea polyphenols and vitamins in such tea will gradually decrease, and the health function of the body will also decrease.

When making tea, choose a teacup with a filter, Separate the tea from the teacup, and brew a handful of tea 4 to 5 times before it needs to be replaced.

Drink tea at will

The tea in our market It can be said that there are many types. If the tea is classified according to the fermented components, it is mainly divided into non-fermented, semi-fermented and fermented.

For people with different physiques, the types of tea they choose should also be different. For women, they can drink some flower tea to relieve themselves. of boredom.

Green tea is rich in caffeine and tea Phenols can irritate the gastric mucosa. For those who have a bad stomach, they should drink less green tea and choose to drink black tea to warm their stomach.

Brew tea with boiling water

Not all All kinds of tea can be brewed with boiling water. For example, oolong tea and black tea can be brewed with freshly boiled water, but for green tea, it is best to choose hot water at 80~85℃. Ready to drink in three minutes.